Third Grade

What's Happening in Grade 3?

Walk to Learn/Intervention:

Three times each week, all third grade students are separated into groups for Walk to Learn, or interventions.

For the next several weeks, students will be working specifically on these four nonfiction picture books. These were carefully chosen to engage students in incredible stories of people throughout the world who have made positive changes in their communities.



Last week, students read the story, Malala’s Magic Pencil. This is the true story of how Malala Yousafzai used her pencil to write about her experiences as a young girl and who successfully got the world to listen.

Students made connections to Nasreen, a character in a different nonfiction picture book we read at the onset of the school year. They were also impressed by the perseverance and determination that Malala displayed.

Although all students are reading these texts within their intervention groups, the lesson presented to each group is differentiated to meet the specific needs of the students within the group. For some students, these means elevating the work to a higher level, or others it means targeted, explicit instruction in one or two skills.

Over the next several weeks, we will read the remaining texts and work to engage students in conversations about what motivated each of these people and what challenges they faced. We will also focus some work on elements of nonfiction and text-dependent questions.

Want to support this work at home?

Ask your child to summarize the week’s reading. Ask questions like: What challenges did he/she face? What kept them motivated? How do you feel about what he/she did? Did reading this story change your mind about something?