Third Grade


What’s Happening in Grade 3?

Reading/Writing - We will finishing our novel, The One and Only Ivan, the next week or so. We’ve analyzed our characters and worked to find specific adjectives to describe them as we’ve read. Students have also learned about different types of figurative language and have worked daily to identify them in writing and express what they mean.

We’ll end our novel with some work on opinion writing.

Students will read a nonfiction article titled “Should We Have Zoos?” where both sides of the debate will be presented. Students will be asked to synthesize their ideas from the ending of The One and Only Ivan as well as the article and take a side on the issue.   


During our CORE math time, we revisted the Distributive Property of Multiplication. Students learned that when working with larger, unfamiliar facts, it can be helpful to “split and distribute” into smaller, known facts. Here’s an example:

In this example, 6 x 8 is split into 6 x 5 and 6 x 3. The products of these smaller, known facts, are then added together to find the product of 6 x 8.

Want to support fact memorization work at home? Try these ideas:

Roll the dice

Have your child roll two dice and multiply the numbers to find a product.

Try multiplication war.

Kids LOVE multiplication war with a deck of cards. Just flip two cards and multiply. Whoever has the highest  product keeps the cards. Make them give you the inverse division problem too!

Put a new twist on an old favorite. We play rock paper scissors but they put up fingers instead with a partner. First partner to multiply those together gets a point.

Make your own flash cards: Have students put an artistic drawing to their flashcard answers so the brain makes a connection between the answer and the drawing.

Online Games/Apps

There a lot of multiplication/division games online. Most are free! Some sites you can utilize are:

Of course there are also a plethora of apps as well. Some are free, and other cost as little as $0.99.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Please send it our way!!!!!

Welcoming Winter!

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