Second Grade

March Newsletter for Grade 2!!  


Here is what we have been working on:


  • We just finished our first novel!

  • We read The Adventures of Jack and Laura by Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • Students worked in teams to read the text and answer questions

  • Team member jobs included: Recorder, Noise Monitor, Word Wizard, Evidence Detective, Task Master and Discussion Director

  • As a final project, students created conestoga wagons!


  • We have been working on solving addition and subtraction problems within

1, 000

  • Students have  been completing several new activities during calendar math

  • One example is “What’s the Story?” in which students are given an equation and must create a story to match the equation

  • Look for the At Home Mathematics Connection packet every few weeks

    • These packets provide detailed information on the mathematical strategies that students are learning and provide fun practice games


  • We are learning about solids

  • We have been investigating various solid objects and the materials they are made from

  • We have been discussing their various properties and functions


  1. Monday, March 11th - half day - 11:30 dismissal

  2. Thursday, March 28th - Parent Teacher conferences - available times for sign ups will be sent home in the coming weeks