Fifth Grade


Fifth grade students paint with watercolors in Art to bring their Painted Essay writing graphic organizer to life.


After reading two Reading Street selections about challenges, perseverance, and survival, fifth grade students were asked the question: “Who is most courageous, Brady from Red Kayak or Karana from Island of the Blue Dolphins?”
Students thoughtfully chose to be a part of “Brady Bunch” or “Karana Krew” based on their personal opinion. In these teams, students worked collaboratively to gather evidence to support their character’s acts of courage. Using evidence from the text(s) to guide our discussion, we had a whole-group debate on which character we thought was most courageous. All students followed our class norms for participating in a discussion and were able to use helpful information from our “debate” to support their opinion in their essay. Up next for our fifth graders is using the same format to develop an opinion essay in Physical Education Class.

                                                                                Stay tuned!


GATE Math & Science Weeks of 10/26 & 11/5

5th Grade GATE

Mixtures and Solutions have been our focus in Science for the past few months.   We will be ending this unit will a small project of choice. Students have loved collaborating together within the lab and making solutions.   They have been collaborating to answer key focus questions and creating detailed procedures to lead their team through investigations. Check out some our pictures.    

In Math students have been diving deeper into some 5th grade standards with multiplying and dividing whole numbers.   Over the next few weeks students will apply these same concepts with decimals. This will lead to a project where students are creating and collecting data to build their own movie theater.    Pictures to come.