School Adjustment Counselor

Silvia Support Staff


Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!


        Who are the SAC’s at Silvia?


Mrs. Kristina Michel, Mr. Jim Arruda and Amanda Santos are full time school adjustment counselors working with students across all grade levels.


Here are a few of the ways we work with students:

Small Group Counseling

We facilitate small groups, lunch bunches and snack chats for students who may benefit from skill building or a little extra support in certain areas.

Individual Counseling

We meet with students on a short-term basis to work through problems that may be affecting their academic performance. Students can request to see us by asking their teacher. Parents and teachers may also request for students to see us.

Classroom Mini Lessons

We are available to visit classrooms across grade levels and facilitate lessons on various social emotional skills; including the character trait of the week, making and keeping friends, conflict resolution skills, bullying, self-esteem building, coping skills, and more.

Consultation with Parents/Guardians/Teachers

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or stop by the main office to schedule an appointment.

Referrals for Counseling and Community Resources

We have connections with many local agencies. Let us know how we can help!


We can be reached by phone at 508-675-9811  or by email





Character Trait of the Week


Each day during morning announcements, students learn about the school wide character trait of the week through short lessons, poetry, and whole class shoutouts. A list of weekly traits will be shared. Classroom teachers nominate one student each week for displaying exemplary behavior for the weekly character trait. These students have their name displayed outside their classroom door for all to see and are honored at assemblies throughout the year. Our goal is that every child will have the opportunity to be recognized as a Silvia STAR student of the week! Stay tuned for a list of our weekly character traits. We welcome you to talk about these traits at home with your child.



Stay safe

Treat others with kindness

Always do your best

Respect ourselves, others and our school




Elementary School Counselors help children...

Treat others kindly

Show respect for the feelings of others

Understand the decision-making process

Maintain positive relationships with peers and adults

Learn self-regulation skills

Increase self-awareness

Build friendships and resolve conflicts

Develop effective communication skills

Be prepared to make the transition to middle school



Social Emotional Learning at Silvia


What is Whole-Hearted Learning and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning ...



Bumper Sticker (Mini) – “Choose Love” – Jesse Lewis Choose Love ...


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Open Circle Curriculum is used school wide in grades K-5. This curriculum seeks to strengthen social competency skills in communication, self-control, and social problem-solving, to promote the creation of growth-fostering relationships, and to build a sense of community in classrooms and schools.

Open Circle lessons:

- Proactively develops children's skills for recognizing and managing emotions, empathy, positive relationships and problem solving

- Help schools develop a community where students feel safe, cared for and engaged in learning

Unites schools with common vocabulary

- Improves school climate

- Increases students’ use of prosocial and critical thinking skills

- Reduces negative behaviors such as peer exclusion, bullying and fighting

- Strengthens educators' facilitation and SEL (social emotional learning) skills

- Frees up time for academics through proactive behavior management