Arrival and dismissal info

Procedure for students not picked up at their bus stop:

For the 2021-2022 school year, students in grades K-2, and all students who receive door-to-door transportation, who are not met by a parent or guardian at the bus stop will be returned to Silvia School.

Please contact the Office of Transportation with any questions.

(508-675-8330 extensions 55246 or 55235)

Morning Arrival for K - 5:

For arrival, please read the following reminders (also found in my “Welcome Back Letter” HERE to help keep arrival smooth and safe. 

  • The doors of Silvia will not open until 7:20 am every morning.

  • Do NOT show up at Silvia prior to 7:10 am as it causes a back up and staff can be blocked from parking. 

  • Students may NOT be dropped off to wait at the front of the building for the doors to open. 

  • The line of cars needs to “snake up” around the back parking lot and stop at the stop sign at the back parking lot. Only pull past the back parking lot stop sign when waved up by a Silvia staff member. 

  • ALL CARS TO FOLLOW THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. Unfortunately, we have cars cutting in line and others dropping kids off in the parking lot to avoid exiting with the flow of traffic. Please do not drop students off in the parking lot. Students are then having to cross in front of traffic.

  • Cars need to pull up to the curb in the front of Silvia school. Please pull all the way up to the STOP sign to make room for as many cars as possible. Please do NOT park in the parking lot and walk your child to the building. 

  • We are asking that all students stay in their cars until signaled by a staff member to exit starting at 7:20 am. We will have 10-15 cars at one time having students exit their cars and head to the MAIN OFFICE doors. 

  • The Main Office doors will be closed at 7:40 am. After 7:40 am, students need to report to the main office doors. 

  • As the students enter, there will be staff members marking students tardy and giving them a tardy slip.


For dismissal, please read the following reminders to help with safety and smooth transitions: 

  • Students will be dismissed at 2:12 pm. 

  • Cars need to park in the main parking lot found at the end of the Silvia driveway. Once legally parked, one adult needs to go to the exit assigned to their child. 

  • If there are no parking spots, you must park on Meridian Street. 

  • Students will exit out the following doors: 

    • K AND Siblings - Playground Doors (back of the school Door Number 9) 

    • 1 - Ramp Doors (on the right side of Silvia as you face the school Door Number 3) 

    • 2 - Music Room Doors (double doors to the right of Main Office doors as you face Silvia. Door Number 2 )

    • 3 - Main Office Doors (Door Number 1)

    • 4 - Gym Doors (on the right side of Silvia as you face the school Door Number 5) 

    • 5 - Cafeteria Doors - on the right side of Silvia as you face the school (Door Number 4)


* For safety reasons, no students will be dismissed between 1:45 and 2:12 pm.