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Westall Elementary School

In September, 2024 Fall River Public Schools will reopen the Westall School as a two-unit Kindergarten through Grade 5 Elementary School. We estimate 300 students will attend this school in the Fall of 2024.

Things you need to know:

Westall Elementary School is located at:
276 Maple Street
Fall River, MA 02720



Information Coming Soon:

Open House - Meet the Principal

School Hours:

8:50 A.M. - 3:22 P.M.

School Spirit Colors:

Royal Blue
Navy Blue

Westall Weekly Updates

Each Sunday, families will receive a Westall Weekly update. This message will be delivered via ParentSquare for students currently enrolled in Fall River Public Schools or via email for new families who are preregistered to attend Westall in the fall. 

Westall Weekly Update - Week 1 Recap

- Families informed to expect the weekly message via ParentSquare.
- Question of the Week- We will soon start interviewing for positions, including Principal. Would you be interested in potentially being a part of one of the interview committees?
   - 2 parents were invited to  be a part of the interview committee for Principal.
- Link to Westall School Page
- Link to submit a question
- FAQ's and answers

Westall Weekly Update - Week 2 Recap

- Question of the Week - In addition to white and grey, which color would you choose to represent Westall School Spirit? 
  -- the majority of families chose Royal Blue.
- Link to the Westall School Website
- Link to Ask a Question
- Families informed that the district had created a special Transfer Request Form for Westall students. The post included a link to the form. It was explained that our goal was to respond to all submissions by June 30th so families can plan forward. Westall transfer requests submitted after the June 30th deadline will be reviewed in August.  Final decision on a student transfer request are granted based on seats available at the requested school. 
- Newly registered families who live in the Westall School District begin receiving Weekly Update via email.

Westall Weekly Update - Week 3 Recap

- We expect to announce soon who will be chosen to lead the Westall School when it reopens. Thank you to the families who responded to serve on our interview committee.
- Families were informed of the results for school spirit colors. Families selected ROYAL BLUE as the color to represent Westall School Spirit shirs. White and Grey will also be used for school colors. Bottoms will be Black, Navy Blue and Khaki.
- Question of the Week - Meet the Principal. Families were asked to provide the time(s) of day and day(s) of the week that would work best for them to attend a Meet the Principal event.
- Families were informed of the School Committees decision regarding school hours. Westall School hours will be  8:50 A.M. - 3:22 P.M.
- The Westall Transfer Request Form was included in the post with the reminder that All requests will be reviewed by our PACE staff and families will be notified before June 30, 2024. 
- Link to the Westall School Webpage included in the post.

Have a question? Fill out this Google Form and a member of our staff will get back to you.

Westall Elementary School 

FAQ for Families


Who is the principal?
The principal position has been posted, and candidates will be interviewed in the coming weeks.  
Will the school be fully staffed?
Yes.  FRPS budgeted for the new positions needed for Westall.  Existing FRPS staff will have the opportunity to transfer if desired to Westall, and job postings are already accepting applications.
Will technology be up to date/Will the curriculum be the same?
Yes.  The building currently houses a K-12 school and is outfitted with technology in the same fashion as other FRPS buildings.  All classes and offices have full  modern WI-FI internet access to handle student and staff needs
Is this happening because Tansey is staying open?
No.  This is happening as a result of a recognized need to reconfigure the Fonseca Elementary School zone and to provide more opportunities for students to attend their neighborhood school across all of our schools
Will you honor previous transfer/placement requests that have been approved?
All transfer requests are reviewed annually.  New and continuing placements are dependent on space at the requested school.  
Will transportation be provided?
No.  All students assigned to the school will live within walking distance.  
Will students receive special education services?
Yes.  Inclusion services will be provided per the student’s IEP.
What about school uniforms and spirit wear?
You will help determine our school colors. More information on this coming soon.
When will the Open House be?
An Open House will be scheduled by the new principal, following the conclusion of summer school programming.  
Will there be a playground?
Yes.  We are purchasing and will be installing a new playground during the summer.  
Will Breakfast and Lunch be provided? 
Yes.  All Fall River Public Schools students receive free breakfast and lunch daily.
Will the school have a Nurse?
Yes. Westall will have one full-time nurse.
Will the school have a custodian?
Yes, friendly custodians will be part of our school staff.
Will the school have a Parent-Teacher Organization and how can I be involved?
A PTO will be launching in August 2024
What are the school hours?
School hours will be determined soon.
What if I move during the summer?
Stop by the Parent and Community Engagement Center with proof of your new address. PACE Center hours are posted on our website: https://www.fallriverschools.org/departments/parent-resources