Instructional Focus

At RLM Resiliency Preparatory Academy, we strive to provide our students with relevant and MA-Common Core aligned instruction. Our teachers align their curriculum with the sequence and focus of those present in FRPS traditional setting classrooms, though their delivery, pacing, and assessment methods may be altered to account for the alternative learning setting. Our collective focus is on literacy growth; helping our students to become masterful readers and writers, which we and the district at large believe is a crucial lever for post-secondary success. As such, a focus on literacy is present in all classes, regardless of grade level or content area. 

All grade level and content courses at RLM Resiliency Preparatory Academy are aimed at engaging our students in active learning, fostering their curiosity about their community and the world, and underlining the real-world relevance of the skills and knowledge that our curriculum is based on. Students will find that there are various modalities of learning within their classrooms, including individual, partner, and group work, both digital and "hard copy" assignments, and multiple options for demonstrating mastery of a given concept or skill when possible. 

Students at RLM Resiliency Preparatory Academy are required to pass THREE (3) MCAS state exams in order to receive a diploma upon graduation. (Students who have not passed all three exams will receive only a certificate of completion, which is not adequate to enroll in any post-secondary college or university.) These three exams are in the areas of: English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Biology. Students will receive advanced notice of these testing dates, will receive their test scores in a timely fashion after they are released by DESE, and any students with IEP or 504 accommodations will receive these accommodations during testing sessions. Students who require additional instruction or remediation in order to successfully pass one or more of these exams have the option to schedule tutoring through our Community Engagement Center, or enroll in an MCAS prep course (by meeting with their Guidance Counselor, pending scheduling availability and open seats within these courses.) 

Students who are especially masterful or passionate about a certain subject may have the opportunity to enroll in higher-level courses either online or in person. Students in this position should make an appointment with their Guidance Counselor to review their options.