BARR Grant Design Year


Barr Foundation’s “Doing High School Differently” Initiative

  • RPA was awarded a $150,000 planning grant to develop a new school to implement in 2019-2020 school year

  • This year, RPA’s student led design team is creating the plan- the goal is to have a solid plan to present in May, 2019 for approval

  • If approved, we can be awarded an additional $750,000 to put the plan in place!

  •  Design Year has 3 main parts: Understand, Design, Build

We Need Your Involvement!

  • The new school model we design should be student-centered, meaning it is school designed for students BY students. We know how we learn best and what we need from our school to be successful, productive, socially responsible citizens. Now is our time to voice how we can change the future of our education!
  • From now until November, we are researching to understand not only what we need, but what our strengths are as students and as a community.  
  • We need to understand before we design, so we need your help with surveys, focus groups, interviews, and spreading the word about our work!
  • We have a CORE design team that will meet every Monday from 10-12:40.  Reach out to your design team student representative to share your ideas, concerns, hopes, and questions for the redesign of RPA.  If you want to get involved, please contact one of the core design team members or Ms. Doyle who is facilitating the design planning this year!

Contact Info:

Ms. Doyle, Director of Guidance, Room 324

Cell: 774-488-9294 (call or text)

Follow @JanDoyle_JJ on Twitter for Updates, News, and Photos!

Join us in our mission to create a school that does high school differently!  Email the Design Team:

Denver, CO Site Visits


The RPA design team engaged in a school study tour in Denver, Colorado from October 23rd to the 26th, to experience first hand what innovative school models are offering to better serve their students.  The team witnessed cross-curricular project based learning in action at William Smith High School in Aurora, Colorado.  At the Fred Tjardes School of Innovation in Greeley, Colorado, the team was impressed by the supportive and nurturing culture where students felt they could be themselves and learn meaningful and relevant content and skills in a personalized learning environment. At the Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado, the team saw first hand the power of well-implemented advisories, experiential learning where, "students feel the world is the classroom," and a culture of authentic student engagement and self-directed learning.  The design team also engaged in a debrief with other design teams in the Barr Foundations' "Doing High School Differently" Cohort 2, to unpack key takeaways that will inform our vision and mission in our design journey.  The Denver study tour, facilitated by Springpoint, was an inspiring and enriching experience that will deeply inform our upcoming design for Resiliency Prep. A tremendous thank you to Springpoint, the Barr Foundation, and our colleagues in Cohort 2 who made this invaluable learning experiences possible.