FRPS Continuity of Learning Plan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Continuity of Learning Plans you will find here are for students to use should we close our schools.
Hard copies of these lessons will be available at each school should you need a printed copy.
If school is in session and your child is absent, then he or she is responsible for making up all assigned school work which, should be requested at the school level. Together we are building educational success.
Dr. Matthew H. Malone



Continuity of Education:

  • The FRPS recognizes that the education that normally occurs in a classroom cannot be replicated at home. Therefore, e-learning will focus on ensuring students have the ability to practice and hone their skills and participate in educationally beneficial activities during any closure.
  • The District is working to make sure that the work students receive while out of school is appropriate and valuable.
  • DESE Educational Resources for Students and Families  (click here)

Transition Week May 4

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Middle School 6-8 Resource

High School 9-12 Resource

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