The Letourneau school will be an inclusive and innovative learning community that empowers students and educators to become expert learners.

Letourneau School graduates will..

  • Be expert learners: purposeful and motivated, resourceful and knowledgeable and strategic and goal oriented learner

  • Master academic standards and core academic practices are active participants in their learning

  • Will master social emotional competencies—cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self control

  • Will have an academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors.

  • Be Active, Responsible, & Respectful community members. 

  • Will “Choose Love” and practice Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion.




The purpose of the Alfred Letourneau school is to educate and empower all students to be able to enrich their lives.


We will do this by: 

  • Respecting culturally and linguistically diverse students by leveraging their native language and background to create a strengths-based instructional model.

  • Providing a high quality student centered, comprehensive, and equitable education for all.

  • Using research-based instruction, collaborative spaces, collective efficacy and reflective practices.

  • Developing academic language across the four language domains to support student success in school and beyond.

  • Engaging families and the community as partners in our students’ education.

  • Teach accountability, responsibility and repair through restorative justice 


Core Values


Equity and Inclusion

Honoring Diversity, linguistic and cultural assets

Community and collaboration




We Believe in BOLT

  • Be safe

  • Only you are responsible for your actions

  • Listen and respect others

  • Together we can and we will


  Letourneau School Pledge


I am a Letourneau School scholar. I am a safe, respectful, responsible learner. I make mistakes, and I try my best so I can learn. I can and I will learn something new everyday because I am important. Today I will be the best person I can be. With effort and the right strategy, I can and I will be successful. Watch Me!