Spirit Wear

Kuss Middle School expects all students to adhere to the Fall River Public Schools’ District Spirit Wear
policy. The Kuss spirit wear guidelines are:
Kuss students wear:
● Royal blue, light gray, or white polo shirts, crewneck t-shirts, sweaters or crewneck sweatshirts
with a Kuss logo.
○ Official school iron-on logos can be purchased for 75 cents each at the Kuss Main Office.
○ NO HOODS may be worn during the school day.
● Tan, black or navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers.
○ Pants and shorts made of sweatpant or athletic material are NOT allowed; and neither are
cargo pants or shorts with baggy pockets.
○ NO jeans of any kind may be worn at school.
● Appropriate closed sneakers or dress shoes.
○ NO flip flops or backless shoes.
● NO hats, sunglasses, bandanas, hair bonnets, hoods, visors or sweatbands.
● Clothing may NOT have holes, rips, or tears.
● Clothing should fit properly – NO excessively baggy or tight clothing.