Arrival and dismissal info

Henry Lord Community School
Arrival and Dismissal Door Assignments:
Please look for the door number, according to grade level, when dropping off/ picking up your child(ren) .
Arrival of Students: (all walkers should report to their grade level door)

K-2: Door # 2 Grades 3-5: Door #3 (auditorium) Grades 6-8: Door #1 All Walkers Door #22 Door #13 ASD Classrooms/ After school



Please refer to the back of the Student Profile Sheet to indicate how your child is being dismissed.
If your child is part of the “Pick-Up” patrol the adult WILL BE REQUIRED to SHOW A PHOTO ID; NO
EXCEPTIONS! Please communicate this with family/friends who will be picking up your child(ren).
Safety and Security are our KEY PRIORITIES!!