Password Reset

The FRPS is now using Onelogin password manager which will allow you to reset/retrieve your FRPS passwords online!  In order to reset and/or retrieve passwords, you must first use your username and current password to enroll! If you are unsure of your password please reach out to your school staff in charge of passwords so they can reset it. 

FRPS Tech Support Help Center:

For live support between the hours of 7:15 am and 4pm call 508.675.8402  or email

Step 1 - Enrollment

*You must complete this step before you retrieve or reset your password. You only need to complete this step once. If you don't know your current password please contact the staff member at your school that is in charge of changing passwords to get a temporary password.  

video tutorial 


Forgot your password? Answer the security questions you entered during enrollment so you can reset it.

Video Tutorial


*You will need to know your current password to successfully complete this process.
*If you are unsure of you password please complete the retrieval process.
*You should consider changing your password every few months.

Video Tutorial