Evolve FAQs

How long does it take to graduate from Evolve?

At Evolve, we work with students on an individual basis in order to create a graduation plan that best suits their needs and goals. Students in Evolve can earn up to 25 credits a semester to help get them back on track towards graduation.

Who is eligible to apply?

Since Evolve Academy has a two-year commitment, and is geared towards students who have fallen off-track towards graduation, students must be either Sophomores or Juniors to apply.

What is a "TLE"?

T.L.E. stands for "Transformative Learning Experience." T.L.E.'s are project-based curriculum that cultivate young people’s natural curiosity and passion to pique their interest in answering real-world questions. For more info on T.LE.'s visit:


Does Evolve offer elective courses?

Yes, schedule-permitting, Evolve students can take electives offered to Durfee students. Elective options are available for 1st and 8th period electives.

What other opportunities can Evolve connect me to?

Evolve can connect you to the school to career program, employment support, early college/dual enrollment, internships, independent studies, and so many more!

How large are the class sizes at Evolve?

Evolve Academy's classes are capped at approximately 15 students per classroom.

Does Evolve have its own lunch period?

Yes, Evolve Academy has it's very own lunch period as a school community.