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National Honor Society


Welcome to the Mu Kappa Delta Chapter of the National Honor Society

at BMC Durfee High School 

The National Honor Society is a prestigious organization which honors outstanding students throughout the country on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Each local chapter must set forth guiding principles by which to operate in order to uphold the rigorous standards of the national organization. The regulations set forth have been formulated to ensure that members of the Mu Kappa Delta Chapter uphold the rigorous standards of the National Honor Society and serve as models of excellence to other students. These guidelines ha been approved by both the Durfee High School NHS Faculty Council and Principal.  Members of the Mu Kappa Delta Chapter of the National Honor Society are recognized for their outstanding contributions to B.M.C Durfee High School and the Greater Fall River community by wearing the NHS Gold Cord at graduation.


Each year in October, students whose Weighted GPA is 3.9 or higher will receive an Invitation to Apply to the National Honor Society.  Applications are made available in the respective grade offices.  Students who present the Invitation Letter are given an application.  Applicants must submit their completed application before the posted deadline.  Only invitees can apply to NHS.

Application Requirements

The application asks applicants to list activities related to Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service along with signatures and contact information of supervisors, coaches, etc.  A recommendation letter and a student essay are also required.


Applications are scored by the NHS Faculty Council members based on the rubric found in the application.  A minimum of one point in Service and one point in Leadership are required for admission.

Notification of Acceptance

Applicants are notified of their acceptance or rejection by the end of November.  Accepted applicants are considered provisional members and must begin to attend NHS monthly meetings.  Accepted Applicants must return the signed the Acceptance Form along with their Induction Sponsor's Information by the deadline.  

Induction Ceremony

Each year in January, provisional members are officially welcomed as full members of the Mu Kappa Delta Chapter of the National Honor Society by taking the Oath of Membership at the NHS Induction Ceremony.  Family and friend are invited to attend.

Member in Good Standing Requirements

Each year, all Mu Kappa Delta members must maintain the following throughout their time at B.M.C Durfee High School:

  • A 3.9 GPA Weighted
  • Complete 30 Hours of Community/Volunteer Service
  • Volunteer at three school sponsored events
  • Maintain 70% attendance at monthly NHS meetings
  • Maintain a spotless Conduct Record


Members are placed on Probation for one term if by end of the school year:*

  • GPA falls below 3.9 weighted
  • 30 hours of Community/Volunteer Service are not completed
  • Did not volunteer at 3 school events
  • Less than 70% attendance at NHS meetings
  • Received a School Detention
  • Excessive Absenteeism (F6)
  • Engaging in Conduct unbecoming of a School Leader (character unbecoming)

During the Probation Period, members will be reported as "Member Not in Good Standing" on any College or Scholarship Application requests.  Members must fulfill all missing obligations (e.g. volunteer hours, meeting attendance) by the end of the Probation period.

*new Inductees have until the beginning of the following school year to complete the requirements.

Removal from NHS

Members may be removed from NHS after a hearing by the Faculty Council for:*

  • A reported Major Academic Violations (plagiarism, cheating)
  • A reported Major Conduct Violation that results in a School Suspension
  • Continued low GPA after Probation Period
  • Failing to make up the missing Probation Requirements by the end of the term

*Members must enter their Senior year with a weighted 3.9 GPA.  Senior Members who fall below the GPA threshold will no longer be considered members of NHS and will not be allowed to receive the NHS Gold Cord at Graduation.  Seniors must complete all requirements by May 1st to receive the NHS Gold Cord.

More Information

If you would like more information on the Mu Kappa Delta Chapter of the National Honor Society, please contact Mr. Saurette, NHS Advisor, in Room 455, or email him at