How Early College Works

Save Money / Take Free College Courses

Early college courses are completely free to students enrolled in Durfee High School, including books, etc—all costs are paid by local funding, state programs, and private grants. Students enrolled in the program have the chance to take up to 8 college courses. That means on average Durfee students are saving almost $8,000 dollars towards their college degree!

Save Time /Begin College with enough credits to become a Sophomore

Students in the Early College will have completed around 20-25% of their college degree while still in high school - - allowing students to graduate from college sooner.  Student’s take courses during the normal school day, but they count as both high school and college credit. All courses are Mass-Transfer eligible and are accepted at many private colleges around the country. 

Build your College Admissions Resume

By showing success in Dual Enrollment courses, you will show colleges that you can be successful at the college level. This is a huge advantage when you are applying for schools. In additional Dual Enrollment courses count as AP level courses towards your GPA and is a great way to help boost it

Get the support/confidence you need

All early college students will receive tutoring, mentoring and support while taking college courses. Typically,  dual enrollment courses will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon with support classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Durfee has partnered with One Goal  and JFY Networks so that all students receive academic support, learn 21st century skills, and prepare for success in the college of their choice.  Much of this support is lead by Durfee teachers to increase comfort level with college coursework. Support classes take place during the normal Durfee school day 

Join a Community of Support

A big goal of Early College is to build a peer network that students can rely on and support each other through. You will get to know your peers in the program and be connected with other high school and college students who can support you throughout your journey.   

Participate in Extracurricular Activities at both High School and College 

Because all Early college classes are taken during the day - - students will be able to participate in all Durfee sports and activities. In addition, they are not only able to take classes at Bridgewater State and Bristol CC —they will also be able to participate in on-campus programs and activities just like full-time college students.

About Early College (PDF fliers)