Early College

Mission Statement

Early College at Durfee High School is a student-outcome driven pathway designed to increase post-secondary enrollment, persistence and graduation for all students including underserved populations higher education

The Early College program at Durfee has been designed using the principles put forth for the Massachusetts Early College Initiative: It promotes Equitable Access by targeting students from underserved populations providing all students  with access to free college courses, and by removing barriers of college such as minimum Accuplacer test scores. It establishes Academic Pathways by providing students with between 12-24  transferable credits in foundational areas and major-based dual enrollment courses that will introduce students to career pathways. It provides robust Student Support from the pre-placement stage through the dual enrollment coursework by providing concurrent tutoring and mentoring. It also incorporates individual college and career planning through Naviance and other experiential career development services for all students participating in the program.


Early College @ Durfee