Class of 2022 Resources

BCC Onsite Admissions Event

Admissions Representatives from Bristol Community College will be at Durfee on Thursday 4/28 for an onsite admissions event. If you are interested in an appointment or want to learn more please contact your school counselor!

 Click Here to Access the Senior Presentation

Important Reminders for Post Secondary Planning:

  • Begin to research and build your college list using Naviance. This video will show you how to add and edit your college list in Naviance.  You can access Naviance by logging in through CLEVER or click here.

  • SAT SIGN-UPs through College Board .  Contact your guidance counselor to obtain a Fee Waiver.

  • ACT SIGN-UPs here. Fee waivers available upon request.


  • After you complete your Common App, Link it to your Naviance account. This 3 minute video will walk you through the steps on how to do this.  MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS THE SAME ON THE COMMON APP AS IN ASPEN.
  • ********PLEASE DO NOT SEND LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION REQUESTS TO YOUR COUNSELOR OR TEACHERS THROUGH COMMON APP!  All letter of recommendation requests will be processed through Naviance only once the school year begins*********.
  • Start to think about your college essay and begin to outline your first draft. The essay prompts can be found on the Common App.

Financial Aid Information:

Durfee partners with uAspire for Financial Aid Support. uAspire is an organization that partners with students and families across MA, CA and NYC to help make college more affordable. Your Durfee uAspire advisor Kendra Pimentel, who also happens to be a Durfee alumni! Kendra is a trained professional on the college financial aid process and can help you with any questions/concerns you may have!

You can contact Kendra by:

Texting "FINAID" to 508-469-4070. Once you answer the automated questions, you'll be connected to Kendra.

Email her at or

Book a meeting with her through this link:

Completing this form here:


UAspire Presentation