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Jessee Clements Math Dean

Dean of Mathematics: Jessee Clements
508-675-8100 X41571

Important Dates

Math AP Saturday Sessions:

January 12, 2019

March 30, 2019

April 4, 2019  (Mock Exam)

All AP Math students are required to attend the Saturday sessions.

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Faculty E-Mail and Phone Extensions

Math Special Ed Team

Gomes, Eric (X41443)

Guay, Drew  (X41341)

Melville, Adam (X41460)

Silva, Melanie (X41383)


Algebra 1 Team

Eckert, Kaitlin (X41384)

Fae, Joao (X41483)

Gorman, Robert (X41484)

Mello, Julie (X41474)

Neubauer, Molly (X41390)

Silvera, McKenzie (X41390)


Geometry Team

Cirillo, Paul (X41345)

Faulkenberry, Daniel (X41340)

Guzman, Liana (X41442)

Hough, Rebecca (X41432)

Oberg, Kathleen (X41341)

Santos, Brendan (X41443)


Algebra 2 Team

Chung, Shelby (X41463)

Durant, Tyler (X41465

Rebelo, Brian (X41464)

Roussel, Thomas (X41460)

Vitiello, Alexandra (X41462)


Precalculus Team

Mazzilli, Jean (X41372)

Mendonca, Jahara (X41374)


AP Team

Brogan-Price, Jennifer (X41334)

Mullen, Jessica (X41431)

Pineault, David (X41255)