Durfee High School School Guidance Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Durfee High School Guidance Department is to support and empower the academic, personal/social and career development of all students.  In collaboration with school, family, and community partners, guidance counselors will guide students to become resilient, productive and contributing members of their community.

Guidance Director
Mr. Andrew Woodward

508-675-8100 extension 41556

Lead Counselor 
Mrs. Kerry Bulk

508-675-8100 extension 41526

Guidance Counselors

Class of 2023 - Freshman
Ms. Janet Pacheco (Students with last names A - K)

508-675-8100 extension 41538

Ms. Denise Boland (Students with last names L - Z)
508-675-8100 extension 41537

Class of 2022 - Sophomores
Mrs. Rachel Fellows (Students with last names A - L)

508-675-8100 extension 41524

Mrs. Silvana Resendes (Students with last names M - Z & Over Aged Cohort)
508-675-8100 extension 41545

Class of 2021 - Juniors
Mrs. Jenna Lagasse (Students with last names A - K)

508-675-8100 extension 41546

Mrs. Jessica Powers (Students with last names (L-Z)
508-675-8100 extension 41516

Mrs. Maria Matos -  (Students in the Health Assisting, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, and Early Ed Pathways)
508-675-8100 extension 41951

Class of 2020 - Seniors
Mrs. Tricia Tweedie (Students with last names A-La)

508-675-8100 extension 41532

Mrs. Bethany Guimond (Students with last names Le - Z)
508-675-8100 extension 41530


CTE Guidance Counselor  
Mrs. Maria Matos

508-675-8100  extension 41951

Bridge Program Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Coreen Gendreau

uAspire - Financial Aid Advisor
Ms. Kassandra Sweatt



Registrar's Office Clerk

Mrs. Maureen Perreira
508-675-8100 extension 41556

Registrar/Attendance Clerk
Ms. Valerie Sarlo

508-675-8100 extension 41557