Culinary Arts

Program Overview:The Culinary Arts program provides students with training to obtain the skills necessary to pursue a career in food preparation or production. We provide students with a variety of tasks that require working directly with food preparation and those that involve working directly with guest and customers.

Instructors:Chef Matthew Bettencourt
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Alana Yasso
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Jenna Michael
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Katelin Gellar
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Shakira Rock
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Career Options:Use the Career Tree Graphic below to see all of the exciting career pathways students have access to when they complete the Culinary Arts Program.

Skills & Skill Areas:OSHA Certification
ServSafe Certification
Safetey & Sanitation
Baked Items
Cold Food Items
Food Service Management
Product Development
Food Nutrition & Nutrition Labels
Day to Day Operations
Product Ordering & Quality Assurance

Program Sequence:

Culinary Arts I: 10th Grade
Students will become familiar with the basics of food preparation, safety & hygiene. This will include food preparation, baking, dining room service and cleanup. Note: Students will be required to have a uniform as determined by the instructor.
Culinary Arts II: 11th Grade
Students will be exposed to dinner service in both the front and back of the house. They will practice different cooking techniques, practice safety, receiving, and storing procedures. Students will rotate dining room stations as well as being trained on the point of sale system. In the bakery students will produce various types of breads, desserts, and pastries.
Culinary Arts III: 12th Grade
These courses are designed to train students in a sequence of activities for kitchen and bakery laboratory and dining room experiences, including menu planning, ordering, and inventory control as well as baking fundamentals including pastries, breads and special occasion cakes. Note: Students will be required to have a uniform as determined by the instructor.

Industry Links:For more information on the career outlook for the Culinary Arts industry visit:

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