Program Overview:The Cosmetology program provides training for students in all areas of the beauty industry including: most contemporary hair styles, cutting techniques, various chemical services, nail care, skin care, communication skills, professionalism, safety and various disorders that may be encountered. This 4 year program is designed to prepare the students with the skills needed to excel in the State Board Exam. After the students have acquired 1000 hours in the program and taken the exam students will leave with a professional Cosmetology license.

Students will learn all the fundamental methods and strategies needed to ensure success in the cosmetology field as well as professional labor laws and regulations. They will have experience on their practical skills and customer service by servicing the public.


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Career Options:

Use the Career Tree Graphic below to see all of the exciting career pathways students have access to when they complete the Cosmetology Program.

Skills & Skill Areas:

Students obtain knowledge on professional communication and customer service skills. Our salon services provided by senior students and supervised by instructors are as follows:
OSHA Certification
Shampoo & Blow Dry
Shampoo & Set
Shampoo Cut & Style
Hair Color
Permanent Wave

Program Sequence:

Unisex is a complete course of study that prepares males and females to become licensed cosmetologists.Throughout this 4 year program students will create and maintain a portfolio that showcases their training to prospective and employers. Also, students in this program who are interested are automatically enrolled in and compete annually in the Skills USA competitions.
Unisex Hairstyling Exploratory: 9th Grade
The 5 week course is designed to introduce the student to the program/career. They will become familiar with some basic knowledge and skill necessary to become successful in the field of cosmetology. Students should have an idea if cosmetology is a career they would like to pursue in the future.
Unisex Hairstyling I: 10th Grade
Students will be taught most basic knowledge of hair, skin and nails. They will also gain knowledge in hygiene, sanitation, and the importance of professional communication.
*Each student will accumulate 1000hrs in the program starting at the age of 16 and must be completed by the end of senior year in order to take the State Board Exam.
Unisex Hairstyling II: 11th Grade
Students will receive all knowledge and training in all facets of hair, skin, and nails to prepare them for the State Board Exam and begin a career in cosmetology. Students will become prepared to work on clients in their senior year. They will acquire knowledge and understand the importance of great customer service and receive real world experiences in a salon setting.
*Note: All students will be required to wear uniform
Unisex Hairstyling III: 12th Grade
Students will continue to receive all knowledge and training in all facets of hair, skin, and nails to prepare them for the State Board Exam and begin a career in cosmetology. They will work on clients and continue to gain real world experience in a salon setting. All students will continue to take necessary actions to complete their State Board Exam and obtain a career in the cosmetology field.
*Note: All students will be required to wear uniform

Industry Links:For more information on the career outlook for the Cosmetology industry visit:

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