John J. Doran Community School Vision Statement

  • Children at the John J. Doran Community School will be prepared for personal, social, and academic success in middle school.

  • All students will exit eighth grade having met or exceeded the state standards in all subjects.

  • All students will leave Doran equipped with the work habits and self-motivation they need to be successful lifelong learners.

  • All students will receive necessary school-based and community supports to achieve social emotional health.

  • All students will interact with peers and staff with kindness, respect, and empathy regardless of race, language, or socioeconomic status.

John J. Doran Community School Mission Statement

As a Pre-K---8 school, the mission of the John J. Doran Community School is to maximize the potential of each of its students in order to prepare them for the 21st century. We support each student to develop a fundamental foundation of habits, skills, and attitudes which are necessary to achieve a lifelong love of learning, as well as to instill a mind-set that effort creates ability. We seek to grow the whole child by advancing the academic success and social-emotional well-being of each student.

John J. Doran Belief Statement

  • We will CARE about learning.
  • We will CARE for ourselves and others.
  • We will CARE about safety.
  • We will CARE about Doran School.