Title 1 Parent Program


Title 1 Parent Program

Maria Ferreira

Parent Program Coordinator

Phone: (508)675 8421 Ext. 55325

email: maferreira@fallriverschools.org


Jessica Rodriguez

Parent Worker

Phone: (508) 675-8421 Ext. 55128

email: jrodriguez@fallriverschools.org

•    Provide opportunities for meaningful parent participation in the education of their  children.
•    Provide schools, teachers and parents with greater decision-making authority and responsibility for student    performance.
•    Provide parents with information about their rights under No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Title 1 Schools:

  • John J. Doran Community School 
  • Mary L. Fonseca Elementary School
  • William S. Greene Elementary School
  • Alfred S. Letourneau Elementary School
  • Carlton M. Viveiros Elementary School
  • Samuel Watson Elementary School
  • Henry Lord Community School
  • Mathew J. Kuss Middle School
  • Stone Therapeutic Day School
  • RLM Resiliency Preparatory Academy
  • Edmund P. Talbot Middle School