Greene 21st CCLC Program


21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant Program at Greene 


Mission Statement


The Greene School's vision is to create a safe, welcoming and nurturing community where every member is valued for his/her individuality, culture and diversity.  The Greene School is a school of excellence, committed to preparing its students intellectually, socially and emotionally to become contributing members of today's competitive society.  The Greene School is a caring place where children and adults feel they make a contribution and are valued as individuals;  it is a partnership between children, parents, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.

At the Greene School, we envision that all students are proficient at their grade level in reading and math.  Our highly qualified and committed staff utilizes data analysis to inform effective instruction strategies in order to meet the needs of the diverse population they serve.  They are committed to continued professional development to ensure that student achievement is at the heart of their instruction.

At the Greene School, all students are expected to be active participants in their learning. Rigorous standards-based instruction with an emphasis on differentiation ensures that students of all abilities are successful.  Student-centered classroom instruction focuses on a challenging curriculum where logical and critical thinking skills are fostered and valued.


Site Coordinator: Charlotte Doyle