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Durfee 21st CCLC Program


21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant Program at Durfee 


Core Beliefs And Values Statement

The B.M.C. Durfee High School community is dedicated to providing a safe, rigorous learning environment that is equitable, inclusive, and collaborative, empowering students to explore diverse paths and succeed in the 21st Century.

All Hilltoppers have Durfee PRIDE!



PURPOSE: Students will demonstrate informational literacy through clear and effective articulation of ideas using various forms of communication.


RESPONSIBILITY: Student will demonstrate personal accountability to the school community.


INNOVATION: Students will demonstrate content literacy by analyzing and solving problems in collaborative academic and real world settings.


DILIGENCE: Students will demonstrate care, effort, and persistence in accomplishing their academic, social, and future goals.


EMPOWERMENT: Students will be able to synthesize the PRIDE expectations.


Site Coordinators/Contact Personnel : Derek Farias and Jay Correia

Phone: (508) 675-8448