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Top FAQs

1.) Will the district provide extra power supplies and/or extension cords?  YES

2.) Do students need to use the same computers during all sessions? No
*Students must complete each session on the same device it started on. *Also it takes approximately 10 minutes for results/answers to be uploaded please keep that in mind before starting a student on another device.

3.) Will the district have the necessary bandwidth needed for testing. YES 

4.) How do I request supplies? click here

5.) What is the address that remote students use to access TestNav?

6.) Can students use personal devices while at schools? No. Student onsite will need to use an FRPS issued Chromebook. 

 *Also note that many of the Chromebooks being pulled for testing would typically be using more bandwidth intensive digital learning platforms or websites.

TestNAV not showing up on Chromebook

Getting your Chromebook ready for MCAS!

How to find my Chromebook serial number???