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Please see Update from Google Support Below 9.28.18
You are probably here because you recently submitted a ticket asking why this is happening in your classroom. The quick answer is Google is seeing unusual traffic from our school network that violates their Terms of Service


We believe that there are two main reasons that we are being seen as a malicious network:
1. Several computers at any time on our network may have viruses and/or malware that are causing unwanted traffic to be sent out over our network. We are working closely with our network consultants to isolate those machines and make sure they are cleaned up.
2. Malicious apps unknowingly downloaded (e.g. WhatsApp) by our users to their phones can cause unusual traffic to be sent from our network.


We have been in contact with Google directly and are following all of the standard recommendations for removing Captcha messages from pages. We are also monitoring network logs to determine when/where unusual traffic is originating from so we can isolate it.

Google Captcha Verfication


Google Cloud Support<>
to: "" <>
date: Sep 28, 2018, 5:39 PM
subject: [#17022238] Captcha message asked [ ref:_00D00VNwG._500f21IVRYx:ref ]

Hello Frank,

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support.

I hope you're doing fine. My name is Geraldine from Chrome Devices Team and I’m the one working on your case. Please accept my apology for the delayed response because I just received this case in my queue today. Please be advised that we're ensuring that this will not happen again. 

I understand that you are having issue with multiple users that getting a reCAPCHA message when they are doing a Google Search on a Chrome browser. 

We currently having this Known Issue for reCAPCHA challenge and our Product Engineers are continuously working on the issue to check if this is an issue with Google Servers end or on the network side. Based on their response they are having issue on the back end that caused the users to be presented with the Captcha. But no worries, they we're able to fix the issue. Please try to open the Chrome browser again and do a Google search and check if the issue still occur. 

In case the users still encounter this issue, please provide the sample screenshot of the Captcha message that the user getting together with the IP address. 

You may also check our Help Center Article for reference: 
Users need to enter CAPTCHA challenge for Search 

"Unusual traffic from your computer network" 

I hope this information helps you. Should you have questions or updates regarding this matter, please let us know by replying to this email. Also, if you wish to do this over the phone, kindly provide your best callback number and callback time including the time zone so we can schedule it at your convenience.

The case will continue to remain open now, I’ll look forward to your response. Thank you and have a great day ahead!