License Information

If you are applying for Massachusetts licensure for the first time or you are renewing your license, please visit the MA DOE ELAR website to begin the process.

It is recommended that all prospective candidates apply for Massachusetts licensure and/or register for MTEL's before submitting an application online. Follow the DESE licensure guidelines before applying for a position to avoid applying for positions outside of your licensure. Confirm you are holding an active, valid license before applying. Be prepared to provide proof of licensure and/or proof of application for licensure and confirmation of MTEL registration.

Effective June 2012, new regulations which include a requirement that all incumbent core academic teachers of ELL students earn a Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement by 7/1/16. Fall River Public Schools has been designated as a Cohort 1 district under the Department's Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners (RETELL).

Please remember that your Individual Professional Development Plan does require a final endorsement from your supervisor. For most K-8 teachers, the endorsement will be done by the Principal. For high school teachers, the endorsement will be done by the Department Heads.

If you will be engaging in an Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship you must follow the Guidelines for Administrator Routes to Initial License 603 CMR 7.00, the Verification/Endorsement Form for Administrator Licensure (Appendix B, pages 17-19) must be used for verification.

For new or additional licenses, please be sure to send transcripts and program information for credential review by MA DESE.

Once your new license has been issued to you, please forward a copy to the Human Resources office.

Be sure to keep your licensure current and renew it before the expiration date. It is your responsibility to track your license's expiration date.

Frequently used forms: Verification of School Based Employment/Induction Mentoring