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Two-Way Dual Language Education (DLE) is an academic program in which students learn grade level content while also simultaneously learning two languages. The design of the program is based upon current research about how children best learn languages. Achievement results of students in such programs also indicate a very high levels of academic performance. The Two-Way program includes English speaking and Spanish speaking students who also serve as models for their peers. Students are seen as language experts for each other in a classroom situation where their second language is the mode of instruction. Students will develop academic, linguistic, social and cultural skills within four language domains (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).These skills will help them become active and successful members of our connected global society.

DLE enrollment begins at kindergarten registration (beginning March 2, 2020)!

Please ask about DLE during registration of your incoming August 2020 kindergartner at the Parent and Community Engagement Center (PACE).

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"Bilingualism is an ability that shapes our brain and experiences for a lifetime.” - Dr. Matthew Malone, Superintendent - Fall River Public Schools 

Fall River Public Schools is pleased to announce the opening of our English/Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program starting for incoming Kindergartners August 2020 at the Viveiros Elementary School. This exciting program is a wonderful opportunity to foster a community of learners who are collaborative, globally-competent, and diverse. Dual language programs are structured to teach students the academic content of their grade level in two languages, such that students learn how to understand, speak, read, and write in both target languages. Literature and longitudinal educational research on dual language programs have shown that it is the instructional program that is most effective for ALL learners - those who come to school knowing one language and those who come to school already speaking more than one language.  Fall River Public Schools is thrilled to offer this opportunity for any family who is interested in instilling the values of bilingualism, biculturalism, and biliteracy with their children.

El bilingüismo es una habilidad que da forma a nuestro cerebro y a nuestras experiencias para toda la vida..” - Dr. Matthew Malone, Superintendente - Escuelas Públicas de Fall River 

Las Escuelas Públicas de Fall River se complacen en anunciar la apertura de nuestro Programa de Inmersión de Lenguaje Dual en inglés / español a partir de los alumnos de Kindergarten entrantes en Agosto de 2020 en la Escuela Primaria Viveiros. Este emocionante programa es una oportunidad maravillosa para fomentar una comunidad de estudiantes que son colaborativos, globalmente competentes y diversos. Los programas de lenguaje dual están estructurados para enseñar a los estudiantes el contenido académico de su nivel de grado en dos idiomas, de modo que los estudiantes aprendan a entender, hablar, leer y escribir en ambos idiomas. La literatura y la investigación educativa longitudinal sobre programas de lenguaje dual han demostrado que es el programa de instrucción más efectivo para TODOS los estudiantes: aquellos que vienen a la escuela sabiendo un idioma y aquellos que ya hablan más de un idioma. Las Escuelas Públicas de Fall River están encantadas de ofrecer esta oportunidad a cualquier familia que esté interesada en inculcar los valores del bilingüismo, el biculturalismo y la alfabetización bilingüe con sus hijos.

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Questions about Dual Language Education? Please contact us! 

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MLL Director


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Coordinator of MLL Grades K-8


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