Teacher Youtube Access

The FRPS understands the educational benefit that Youtube offers to students, we are also aware of the dangers of allowing unfiltered access to Youtube and the many inappropriate videos available on the site.  We ask that our staff who wish to use Youtube videos, to complement their lessons, follow the guidelines below in order to keep our students safe. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request access.

Using Youtube Safely in your classroom

1.  Search for Youtube videos you will be using during your lesson prior to students showing up for class.

2. Once you have found a video that will complement your lesson, copy the URL or web address of that video.

3. Navigate your browser to http://safeshare.tv and paste the URL into the safe share link. (If safeshare.tv is unavailable please feel free to use viewpure.com as an alternative.)

4. Click the Generate Safe Link and your video will play without suggested videos or comments. 

Using Youtube in your classroom video


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