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Talbot Innovation Middle School

This Week in Technology!

Blended learning will be introduced into the classroom this week and will be developed for the remainder of the year. Classrooms will be organized into two groups, with Group One focusing on developing and implementing Autodesk Inventor Software while Group Two develops fundamentals of sketching, design and measurement. Groups will rotate every week so all students will have the opportunity to complete the various activities with the use of the computers. Students are given assignments and powerpoints for each activity and work with a partner to complete the lesson. With a quick introduction and objectives on the board, students move into the activity with all the tools needed to complete their work. The overall goal of the term is to allow students to become more independent learners and to give the teacher the opportunity the rotate through the classroom to assess and identify concepts that may need to be periodically modeled for the specific group and/or individual. 

Talbot had a special guest on Tuesday, April 15th to commemorate the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.   Geoff Smith, two-time Boston Marathon winner spoke to the entire school about this act of violence and how we persevered as a city, Boston Strong.  Geoff then met with the track team, and made connections between running, dedication, school work and success.  Thanks Geoff!

Early Release Dates

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Thursday, June, 5, 2014
Students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m.
Breakfast and Lunch will be served.




Talbot Middle School is a learning community where students strive to exceed academic proficiency. At Talbot Middle School targeted standards based instruction thoroughly prepares students for their next educational endeavor and fosters life long learning. Every member of the Talbot community actively demonstrates mutual respect and provides support to ensure academic success fo



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