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Talbot Innovation Middle School

New: 8th Grade Info Page! 

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Summer Reading 2015

Letter to Parents

Scavenger Hunt

Reading Assignments

Cupcakes for a Great Cause!

Recently, students in Ms. Contois' class baked special blue-frosted puzzle piece cupcakes for a special bake sale to spread awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders during Autism Awareness Month. Students were able to raise $710 dollars to donate to the "Autism Speaks" organization!

We're very proud of our Talbot students in Ms. Contois' class for being caring and considerate individuals!

Way to go, Tigers!







Talbot Middle School is a learning community where students strive to exceed academic proficiency. At Talbot Middle School targeted standards based instruction thoroughly prepares students for their next educational endeavor and fosters life long learning. Every member of the Talbot community actively demonstrates mutual respect and provides support to ensure academic success fo