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Talbot Innovation Middle School

Scholastic Book Fair @ Talbot!

April 13th-17th.

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Talbot Boys Basketball #1!!!


On March 7th, the Talbot Boys Basketball Team  won the Fall River league championship by beating Morton 43-13!  The team had a great year, worked hard, and finished with 10 wins and only 1 loss!  Congrats boys!



March Academic Spotlight

This month we're highlighting some of the amazing  and innovative hands-on science projects that our students and staff have been working on!

In Ms. Lila's 6th Grade science classes, students have been studying Earth's history. After learning about the different production methods, students got a chance to actually make their own fossils!

Our 7th Grade Science classes have been studying forces and motion lately, and applied their newfound knowledge to create some innovative balloon powered vehicles! In Ms. Clancey's and Ms. Turner's classes, students built and tested balloon powered rockets, while Ms. Pavao's classes built balloon powered cars! Students created a hypothesis for how far their car or rocket would travel and then tested out their theories by racing their vehicles down the hallway!

Awesome job, Tigers!








Talbot Middle School is a learning community where students strive to exceed academic proficiency. At Talbot Middle School targeted standards based instruction thoroughly prepares students for their next educational endeavor and fosters life long learning. Every member of the Talbot community actively demonstrates mutual respect and provides support to ensure academic success fo