Special Education and Student Services

Our students are general education students who require specialized services to access curriculum. By ensuring those services through effective programs and service delivery via highly-qualified staff, students with specialized services will be ready for post-school success.

Main Special Education Office Number: 508-675-8421

Lisa Moy, Interim Director of Special Education, extension 55280

Kristen Donahue, Supervisor of Grades 6 to 12, extension 55275

Kristen Farias, Supervisor of Grades PK to 5, extension 55333

Denise DeMello Secretary to the Director extension 55262


Special Education Parent Advisory Council Fall River Public Schools

Meeting Agenda: October 4, 2016


1.      Introduction of new SEPAC Council Members.

2.      Updating by-laws reflecting to add the office of treasurer to the council. If the by­laws change is successful; the council will move to nominations from the floor, for the office of Interim Treasurer**.

3.      Nominations for Interim Treasure and voting will take place during this meeting. Interim Treasurer will serve till the next formal election is held.

4.      Meet and greet of Fall River Special Education Administration.

**The updated bi-laws reflecting the change voted in will be made available after the meeting-posted to the website and emailed to members.              

Link to Parent's Right Brochure


Resources for Parents:

Special Education Resources and Links for Parents--www.specialeducationguide.org

Autism Society--www.autism-society.org

Council for Exceptional Children--www.cec.sped.org

Federation for Children with Special Needs--fcsn.org

National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education--www.napcse.org


Early Release days 2016-2017   Times:    11:00 am   Durfee

October 6, 2016                                       11:30 am  Kuss, Morton, Talbot,Letourneau, RPS, Doran, Stone

December 1, 2016                                                  Silvia, Watson, Viveiros

March 9, 2017                                          12:30 pm RMS, Tansey, Spencer Borden,Greene Fonseca, Henry                                                                            Lord


Full Day Professional Day (No school for students)

November 8, 2016

January 30, 2017




Overview of Special Education

Parent Information Brochure

Parent Information Brochure(Spanish)

SEPAC Brochure

Attendance Brochure 

Attendance Brochure(Spanish)



Fall River Public Schools Annual Civil Rights Training

News and Notices


Special Education Parent Advisory Council(SEPAC)

( Provides info for all families receiving SPED Services in Fall River, We strive to foster open communication between the district and special education families.)

Fall River Autism Community Group

(A support group for all parents/caregivers of children with autism in preK-12. We support ASD families through meetings, resources and workshops.

Contacts: Tiffany Pineault tiffanypineault@yahoo.com, Stefanie Picard stef.picard@comcast.net, Shannel Stewart Ptoautismmom@gmail.com


All meetings are held at Kuss Middle School Community Room from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


Meeting dates:

October 4, 2016  SEPAC

November 1, 2016  Autism Community Group

December 6, 2016  SEPAC

STAFF MEETINGS 3:15pm TO 5:15pm