Stone K-8 Day School


Throughout the month of March, students at Stone school have been identifying their interests and exploring possible careers. The month began by students completing an interest inventory survey. Grades K-5 were able to access WayToGo RI's website and explore Job Land with Paws. Students reflected on their experience to illustrate their understanding about careers and connection to their interests. Likewise, middle school students (6-8) completed various interest inventories online, which generated possible career clusters to explore further on their reflection sheets. 

On March 17th, professionals with diverse educational and professional experiences came to Stone to further the students career exploration. Professionals came prepared with not only their personal experiences, but also visual supports. Professionals included an animal caretaker, hair stylist, cheerleading coach, merchant marine (captain), auto mechanic, construction worker, accountant , and police officers. After conversing with the professionals, students completed a job application to demonstrate their interest and need for further information on various careers.  Students will wrap up the careers unit by identifying a career they would like to pursue, research it, and complete a report. 



We are proud to report that Stone students exceeded their goal of 100 acts of kindness in two weeks, and made it to 104!  During this unit, students learned about the character traits that can lead to kindness and completed poster projects on them, then presented what they had learned to other students.  During this unit students also wrote letters to patients in local nursing homes, and wrote letters to thank people who had demonstrated kindness towards them