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Summer Reading 2015

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Mrs. Wheaton’s Class

Currently we are on day 14 of our chicken hatching project. The students have been learning about the embryo development and have gotten to explore inside the eggs through candling (placing a flashlight under the egg to see what's inside) and other activities. Our hatch date is April 9th and we are all very egg-cited to see what happens!  

Students have also been working hard on their science fair projects. We have volcanoes, gum drop molecules, and popsicle stick bridges just to name a few. Students will create trifolds along with their experiments to display at our Student Success Day on April 29th. 



Ms. Manchester’s Class

Ms. Manchester's class is continuing to learn about immigration during the late 1800's and early 1900's in ELA. We are currently studying the tragic event of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire by reading various texts, viewing images, and analyzing videos from Discovery Education. The sixth graders are really taking an interest in learning about our nation's history through the various modes of media. In math, students are working on algebraic expressions by working with constants and variables. Students are beginning to think like problem-solvers by the missing value of the expression. In social studies, students are working on an independent research project on the geography of Europe. Students have each selected a country to explore and are creating a visual to show during a presentation to their class. Students are enjoying learning about Earth science, especially while molding and exploding their own volcano! 


Ms. Bolton’s Art Class

In art class this past month students have been studying value and creating shading on flower drawings for a spring group mural project. Students also have made some puzzle piece posters and homemade play dough to give to students at another school for Autism Awareness month in April.


Mrs. Oehmen's Physical Education Class

It's a very exciting time in physical education.  We just finished up our Health units and Spikeball.  We will be moving into spring sports such as badminton and wiffleball.  We are also participating in the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge again this year.  The students at both Stone and ACESE are designing their own fitness programs for other students to follow. Also, Stone will be participating in the Middle School Fitness night on May 27th at Durfee.  Students will be able to compete against students from the other middle schools in Fall River in events associated with the Presidential Fitness Challenge.



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