Stone Therapeutic Day Middle School


Mrs. Wheaton’s Class

At the beginning of the year students in the readiness classroom ran for office!  They made campaign posters, gave speeches, and participated in a classroom election.  We held our first meeting recently, and students were able to come up with many good suggestions for how to increase their academic skills. These students also voted in the statewide elections through the JFK Library. Over 10,000 students participated in this across the state. The students learned about the issues and learned about what each of the candidates supported.




Ms. Manchester’s Class

Ms. Manchester’s 6th grade students are wrapping up a unit on Salem Witch Trials. This topic relates to the theme of geography by studying our state's history.  Students have been very excited about the content.  Mrs. Manchester’s students will also be participating in the writing process by creating a letter to the townspeople of Salem to warn them about the girls' behavior in 1692. 

Mr, Monte’s Music Class

Students will be having Super-Quiet, Un-Interrupted Listening Time (SQUILT) during music classes, as we begin to explore different types of jazz.




Dog Bone Bakery Fund Raiser

News and Notices


Thursday, November 20 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00-6:00

Wednesday, November 26 - Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving at 11:30

Thursday and Friday, November 27 and 28 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

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