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Students in Visual Art Class are finishing up final touches on a Vincent Van Gogh inspired painting. We recreated the background of the impressionist's work "Starry Night" and reimagined the foreground in silhouettes. Some student artists have started looking at and interpreting artwork by Pop Artist James Rizzi. We will imagine and create our own colorful cities. 


In ELA, we are reading "Warriors Don't Cry," a memoir written by Melba Pattillo Beals about her experience as one of the first African-American students to integrate an all-white school in Arkansas in the 1950s. Our students are not only learning about an important moment in American history, but also learning about the strength of character, determination, and self-discipline, that these African-American students possessed in order to survive in a difficult schooling experience.

In Science, we are learning about genetics and how we have acquired certain traits. Students have completed many different "lab" scenarios, including finding out if they possess certain dominant or recessive genes (like rolling your tongue, wiggling ears, etc.) and have simulated creating a dog by randomly selecting paper DNA strands and then matching those strands to the dog traits (body shape, head size, etc.). Students then drew their "dogs" as they would appear according to their genetic code. 


In science we are continuing the unit on motion; learning about heat energy and what makes a good conductor versus a good insulator. In social studies we are wrapping up our chapter on ancient Egypt and the advancements Egyptians made in art, architecture, and writing. In ELA we are continuing to read "Dead End in Norvelt" and practicing open response writing as well as preparing for MCAS by completing practice passages with multiple choice and open response questions. Finally, in math we are finishing up proportions, unit rate, percent, and exploring multiple ways to solve a problem.


Ms. Manchester's class is reading "A Backwoods Boy," a short biography about Abraham Lincoln's childhood. These great readers are examining how Lincoln's culture and heritage shaped him into being one of our most influential presidents. Students are also examining the influence of culture and heritage in their own lives, as well as other texts we have read this year. In mathematics, students are grasping the concept of ratios. Students are cooperatively working in small groups to solve word problems and apply these concepts to real-world applications. 


We just finished up anger management month in social skills and are now working on conflict resolution. The students participated in role playing and art work depicting different levels of anger and resolutions.     


This is an exciting time for Physical Education at Stone Middle School.  We have recently begun an unit on Spikeball.  Spikeball is an unique net game.  It is similar to volleyball but with a little four square and table tennis mixed in.  The student's are finding the game challenging yet rewarding.  We will also be participating in the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge which runs from February until April.  The student's will be designing fitness and nutrition routines for their school communities, themselves, and their families.  Keep your eyes out for the student Newsletters coming home soon!

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Friday, February 5 - Report cards sent home

February 16 to 20 - Winter Break

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