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4th Grade Social Studies Research Project


In the time of your great-grandparents, typically, immigrants to the United States entered from overseas through one of two different entry points. Coming from Europe and Africa, immigrants entered through Ellis Island, which is located in New York Harbor (but actually part of New Jersey). Coming from Asia and Australia, immigrants entered the United States through Angel Island, which is in San Francisco Harbor.

You have been assigned an immigration station to research; you will use your research to write (by hand, on paper) two paragraphs about your island. Your paragraphs should reference specific information from the websites (you must use quotes) and contain the following:

Paragraph 1: Where immigrants who processed through this island came from (countries, ethnicities, religions, etc.)

Paragraph 2: When the island was in use for immigration purposes


When you have written your paragraphs, you must get approval from Mr. Green to transcribe your writing onto the computer; your document will need to be digitally shared with your homeroom teacher.










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Computers Rock!


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