Social Studies and Geography



Read Write Think Timeline Creator


National Geographic Atlas Resources


The American Revolution

USA Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum


Battles of the American Revolution




The Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution


Leon Trotsky


Joseph Stalin


Czar Nicholas II


Karl Marx






Lenin's Propaganda




Historical Maps

University of Texas Links to 200+ sites for historical maps.


Large collection of historical maps.


Time Magazine for Kids

All Levels



Enchanted Learning's site.


All About Explorers, A to Z 


Biographies on famous explorers


Links to many other sites with info.on explorers.



Social Studies - Primary Level 1-3


Great links to famous Americans, community information, symbols, holiday activities


Information about the Spanish American War


United States Presidents


Whitehouse Site



Frontier Life

Compare a day in the life of a people in the 1800's to now



Fall River and Massachusetts

Fall River Historical Sites


Official Site of Fall River, MA


Battleship Cove Site


Lizzie Borden


City Guide







Enchanted Learning - Massachusetts facts



Scholastic Site on Ellis Island, Virtual Tour

Ellis Island Official Site

Encyclopedia Brittanica - Ellis Island


New York City

National Park Service-Statue of Liberty


Museum of Jewish History


Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts


Sony Wonder Technology Lab




Government History and Historic Sites

Iwo Jima


Martin Luther King Memorial

Holocaust museum


Smithsonian Museum

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for kids

Harcourt Social Studies


Washington D.C. Monuments-Pictures

Virtual Tour of Washington, D.C.

Virtual Tour of Ford's Theater

Short descriptions of
Washington D.C.


Official Whitehouse Site - Info. on Presidents

Virtual tour of
Washington, DC

Benjamin Franklin

King George III

National Archives

Library of Congress


Veterans Memorial


Jima Memorial

Mount Vernon

Arlington National Cemetery

US National Parks Website


National Park Service Website

National List of Historic Travel Sites


Info. & News


Presidential Election Sites

270 to Win




Native American Sites

Native Americans in Massachusetts

Native Americans in Massachusetts

Native Americans in Rhode Island

Native Americans in Rhode Island

Native Americans in Maine

Native Americans in Maine

Native Americans in Vermont

Native Americans in Vermont

Native Americans in New Hampshire

Native Americans in New Hampshire

Native Americans in Connecticut

Native Americans in Connecticut




Continents, Oceans, Major Rivers of the World

Enchanted Learning - Rivers of the World

Continents and Oceans Game

Label Rivers of the World

Outline Map of major rivers of the world

Thinquest site - Pictures and info. on major rivers


Social Studies for Kids site

River systems of the World


Mountains of the World

Map of world mountain ranges


Peakware Encyclopedia of Mountains


I like2learn site-Social Studies topics


Website for several social studies topics


Learning About Mountains - An online guide for teachers and kids


Appalachian Mountains





Scholastic websites

Scholastic site about Plymouth Colony

Pilgrim background info.

Pilgrim Story


A brief history


History of Plymouth and its people


The Mayflower Compact



The First Thanksgiving - Story about the Pilgrims


Freedom Trail

Main Site - Boston National Historical Park


Freedom Trail Site & map


Bunker Hill Museum


African American Freedom Trail


Old South Meeting House


Old State House


Old State House


Massachusetts State House - Old and New


Faneuil Hall


Paul Revere House


The Old North Church


Bunker Hill Monument


Charlestown Navy Yard


USS Constitution


Park Street Church


Granary Burying Ground


King's Chapel andBurying Ground


Ben Franklin Statue & First School Site


Old Corner Bookstore


Copp's Hill Burying Ground


Links to all Freedom Trail sites & Boston Attractions



Aztecs, Incas and Mayas Aztecs, Incas, Mayas

The Mayan Empire=Powerpoints, clipart, videos, games

Info. on Mayan children, daily life

Online encyclopedia

Kids Mayan website

Mayan Games

Links to sites on Aztec,
Inca, Mayan Civilizations

Info. and comparison charts on Inca, Maya, Aztec civilizations

Aztec Civilization
Aztec children

Aztec History and Culture

Links to sites on Aztec, Inca, Mayan Civilizations

Incan Civilization

Info. on Incan children

Information about the Inca civilization

sites on Aztec, Inca, Mayan Civilizations