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This school year, the physical education department will be diving in to the world of recycling! Get ready to learn about the amazing ways we can get smart, get recycling, and get active!  


Be on the lookout for recipients of the

PE Growth Mindset Award!


    Current Work in Silvia Physical Education: 

Student's in grades K-5 are currently developing their balancing skills. They are learning all about balancing on different bases of support while combining different levels and shapes. Along with learning the difference between static and dynamic balancing, children are practicing their ability to demonstrate muscular tension and extension of free body parts. The month of February will have us curling, twisting, stretching, and jumping our way through yoga and Parkour lessons as well!



Silvia Family Fitness Initiative

Top 5 Families

Updated as of 04/04/17

1. Kacey and Emily Curran 1,375,000 steps

2. Jacob Bullivant 975,397 steps

3. Hailey Coutinho 897,779 steps

4. Ethan Mancini 760,770 steps

5. Ben Sherry 198,000 steps


During this part of the challenge, we have logged over

4,488,240 steps. That is 2,246 miles!



Take a look at our Silvia Stars hard at work...

You hear it all the time...guardians quick to tell children to stop playing with electronics! The Silvia Elementary Physical Education Department is here to let families know that we can now use technology to promote physical activity!  We will now high light an app or website each month that can be used by students and/or parents to assist with reinforcing movement and learning at home.

This month's app highlighting basic balancing challenges you can try with your kids at home can be found on iTunes at the app store!

Want some more balancing and agility action outside of school?


Vitality Obstacle Fitness, specializing in obstacle and functional training to keep fitness fun, unique, and empowering!




Looking for something to do during the winter months? Want to try something new? With our hockey unit coming up, FMC Ice Sports offers various types of beginner programs such as the popular Learn to Skate and Bruins FUNdamentals. No matter the age or level theres something for everyone at FMC Ice Sports: Driscoll Arena. Click here for more information





Click here to see current National Physical Education Standards  


Click here to see physical education grade level outcomes! 


High-fives to the students and staff of the Frank. M. Silvia school for being a National award recipient from First Lady, Michelle Obama!

Congrats to all the students who donated candy in exchange for an extra recess in an attempt to battle childhood obesity! One hundred and sixty one pounds of guys rock!

*Be on the look our for information coming home in your child's folder about many upcoming events with the Greater Fall River Fitness School/Family Challenge!

The goal of Silvia physical education is to develop physically literate students who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.


Upcoming Unit

K-2 Scooter Board  Manipulation and Team Building Activites

3-5 Striking with a Long Implement

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