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Silvia School Focus:                 Developing a Growth Mindset

This year, the Silvia school staff has been working to develop a better understanding of growth mindset versus fixed mindset, and how we can foster a growth mindset with our students. We have participated in professional development designed to enhance this work, and teachers have created lessons to encourage students to embody this thinking. Children who are praised for their effort and learning are more likely to persevere through challenges than those who are praised for their personal qualities or innate ability



Silvia School Focus:                        Blended Learning

At the Silvia School, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners at Silvia School. Through the use of technology, our teachers are offering blended learning opportunities, allowing students to work on differentiated tasks at their own personalized levels. Blended learning is used other subject areas as well such as science, writing and ELA to solidify and build student learning. Classroom teachers from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade use this teaching technique to ensure that our students are challenged.



Parent Announcements:

  • We will be launching our second fundraiser of the season this month.  The soup/ cookie dough fundraiser will run from February 8-23. Your participation is greatly appreciated!
  • We have been having outdoor recess, as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees and the ground is clear.  Please be certain that students are sent to school with the appropriate outerwear.
  • Please note that grades 1-5 have moved to a trimester grading schedule.  Second trimester grades will close on March 18th, with conferences in April. 

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Gently used "spiritwear" is available at the school. All students are required to wear Silvia School "spiritwear" everyday.

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