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Silvia School: P.E. Video Challenge

The Physical Education department is working on a "raising the bar" which is a contest that allows the Silvia School to win the grand prize (a class set of heart rate monitors). Please click on the picture below. This will take you to the website . Next, scroll down so that you can find the Silvia School and place your email in the voting box (under Tmahjoory). In order for your vote to count, you must go to your email and confirm your vote. Vote as many as FIVE times for this worthwhile cause that will benefit our students.


Silvia School Focus:                 Developing a Growth Mindset

This year, the Silvia school staff has been working to develop a better understanding of growth mindset versus fixed mindset, and how we can foster a growth mindset with our students. We have participated in professional development designed to enhance this work, and teachers have created lessons to encourage students to embody this thinking. Children who are praised for their effort and learning are more likely to persevere through challenges than those who are praised for their personal qualities or innate ability



Silvia School Focus:                Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

At the Silvia School, students participate in STEM classes to further their learning in science. Our teachers have been working on revamping the science curriculum so that it meets the current NGSS standards that have been in place in January. Kindergarteners have been learning about solids, liquids, and gases and the way in which a mixture changes depending on the temperature. The students made ice cream to demonstrate how easily and delicious things can be. First grade students having been investigating light and sound and developing their scientific vocabulary on how light moves. 



Parent Announcements:

  • The nurse needs new underwear as well as gently used and clean pants and shirts for students from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Often times, students who have spills or accidents use the clothing at the office.

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News and Notices


No School - May 30

Family Dance - June 3, 6:30pm

Talent Show - June 7, 6:00pm

Opening Ceremonies - June 17

Field Day - June 21

Gallery Walk - June 21, 2:45pm

Early Release Day - June 24 & 27 (No Lunch)

Last Day of School & Star Rewards Assembly (Term 4)- June 27


Buttonwood Park - June 3rd

Lloyd Beach - June 16th

2nd Grade

Zoo Field Trip - June 10th

3rd Grade

Lloyd Beach - June 17th

Bowling & Pearce Park - June 23rd

4th Grade

Boston Field Trip - June 23rd

5th Grade

Grade 5 Spelling Bee - June 2nd

Class Day - June 20th

5th Grade Graduation - June 23rd

Ms Aguiar & Mr. Medeiros

Edaville RR - June 3

Please know that there may be more field trips added to the schedule over the course of the next week.

General  Notices:

Gently used "spiritwear" is available at the school. All students are required to wear Silvia School "spiritwear" everyday.

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