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  • We have already missed so much school due to all of this winter weather.  Help us ensure that your child’s learning progress is not interrupted.  Encourage them to keep their minds active during February vacation. 
    • Use Dreambox for a few minutes each day to build your math fluency skills
    • Use Headsprout or other online learning sites like ABCya
    • Keep a journal.  Write stories about your vacation and what fun adventures you had.
    • READ, READ, READ- make time to read every single day.

Read Across America

Mayor Sam Sutter read a piece from governor Davol Patricks autobiography to grade 5 and spoke to them about overcoming adversity and never giving up on their dreams


Mrs. Facchiano and Mrs. Homol did a bilingual read of The Giving Tree for Kindergarten students. School committee member Joe Martins read some Seuss classics to the Fourth Grade Students.


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Spotlighting Kindergarten

In Kindergarten, the students are beginning to solidify their letters and sounds. They should be able to distinguish all their upper and lower case letters as well as write the letters. Be sure to read aloud frequently to your child. Children who are read to frequently develop stronger reading skills. Here are some activities you can do with your child to encourage their growth in the area of reading and writing:

  • While traveling in the car, point out letters on stores, restaurants and signs. Challenge each other by seeing who can find the most of a particular letter.
  • In the grocery store, have your child point out letters on the labels. Have them pick out all the items that starts with the letter A in the produce section, etc.
  • Look for letters in newspaper or magazine. Cut them out and make a collage for a particular letter on a paper plate or highlight them in print.
  • Write letters on a chalkboard and have them erase or squirt them when you call a particular letter out.
  • Consider investing in fun and educational iPad apps such as Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Letter School, or Clickety-Clack ABC

Enriching our Students: Kindergarten Art

In this Winter Art lesson, Kindergarten students will be cutting many shapes (circles and triangles) and will learn to overlap and assemble these shapes to create a beautiful bird. Torn paper towels will be added to create a textured branch for the cardinal to sit on.  At home, parents can work with their child on primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and the way in which it can be combined to make the secondary colors (orange, purple, and green).

Your child can also try out the following websites that help reinforce color exploration:

Color Recognition or PBS Kids Coloring.

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