Welcome to Mrs. Silva's Grade 2

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I would like to welcome back all second grade Doran Scholars and families. I am very excited for our school year together! This year is a year of many firsts. For some of our scholars it may be their first time at the Doran, it may be their first time meeting me, and it is the first time that the Doran second grade team has been departmentalized. This will give Mrs. Pacheco and I a chance to focus on our designated subjects more in-depth.

This year grade 2  students will be learning how to read and write with me. We will be exploring many new big ideas and concepts.

Please check this page frequently for curriculum updates, class information, and upcoming events.



For the first reading unit, our big question will be " How Can We Explore New Places and Things?" Our class discussions and reading selections will all be based on this question and concept.                                           



Every night a reading log will need to be filled out. Students will be required to read for thirty minutes and have an adult in-charge sign it. It will need to be returned the next day. Students are required to read on Friday night or some time over the weekend as well. The reading log will need to be handed in on Monday and the student will receive a new one for the upcoming week.

Students will also receive one more piece of homework from me whether it focuses on phonics or comprehension will be determined based on the needs of the students.

Students are also encouraged to use the Headsprout program to help with their reading.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your child or this webpage please contact me at scsilva@fallriverschools.org or (508) 675-8225




Mrs. Silva's Homeroom Special's Schedule:

Monday:  Phys.Ed ( Wear your sneakers and gym pants! )


Tuesday: Music


Wednesday: Phys.Ed ( Wear your sneakers and gym pants! ) & Art


Thursday: Technology


Friday: Art

Student of the Month: