Science Club

The Science Club is composed of a group of Durfee students who are interested in science. We meet after school, every other Monday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. At our meetings, we conduct experiments and work on projects that investigate scientific principles in all areas of science. This year, we have

  • Used Bernoulli's principle to make bazookas using vacuum cleaners and cardboard tubes;
  • Measured the speed of light using a microwave oven and marshmallows;
  • Investigated the properties of water and surface tension using soap bubbles;
  • Investigated the properties of air pressure and used it to crush metal cans;
  • Investigated the properties of static electricity;
  • Planned and hosted a Christmas party for the Science Department faculty;
  • Held a bake sale at Open House.


5Traditionally, we finish the school year by holding a field trip. Last year, we went to the Ponkapoag Bog in the Blue Hills Reservation. This year, we are planning on visiting a science or natural history museum in the area.