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Visual Arts  Program     


Kuss Middle 



Ms. Sondra Arnold



Art is a Work In Progress! 

Life is a Masterpiece in the Making!!!



Regular Day Classes Versus Expanded Learning Time Classes

Regular Day= Classes separated by grade level, 43 minute periods that focus on learning a variety of art techniques, and the themes of the art created are shared be Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA. 

Projects include but not limited to:

     OP ART= Math and Science                     I

Illuminated Letters and Acrostic Poetry= ELA and Social Studies       



Art Cubes= Math       

  Egyptian Cartouches= Social Studies

The Martin Luther King Poster Contest Sponsored by Britsol Community College:

ELT Visual Arts Electives

Sculpture: Art in 3 Dimensions

Manga: Drawing in the Anime Style

Intro to Drawing

Painting: Color with Style