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Welcome to the "New" Resiliency Preparatory Academy

(Middle & High School Level)

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Congratulations to our door decorating contest winners! They represented a college of their choice in an informative and creative way!

Above is our High School Level Winner!

Below is our Middle School Level Winner representing URI!



In the top right picture our middle school students are raising their hands to start the year agreeing to transform and commit to change.

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RPA Student Government Members

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Ms. Doyle's Class


Mr. Dias's Class

Because We Live Drug Free!!!

Check out the new look of RPA:

Charcoal gray polo shirt, generously donated by People Inc. and black or khaki pants. The shirts are available for purchase in the main office for 10$

RPA in the news: See how the credit recovery programs are changing lives at RPA. Also, our student government did a wonderful job sharing their work in this Herald News Article!  

We would like to thank DDS, UYCP, Fall River Office of Youth Connections and People, Inc. for offering RPA students with workforce training and paid internships working with children and/or adults with developmental disabilities. The experience they received will provide those students with the skills necessary to excel in positions in the health care and human services industry. We greatly appreciate our community partners!


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We Are RPA!

 The student government of RPA wrote and designed a video to show what it means to be an RPA student!

RPS Rebranding - 2016 from FRED TV on Vimeo.

2016 Graduation Commencement Ceremony

Graduation For All!



Core Beliefs and Values Statement for RPA

We are Respectful. We are Responsible. We are Reliable. We are Ready to Learn.

The RPA learning community supports a student-centered classroom and multiple educational options, which provide the support that each individual student needs, thus reducing the dropout rate and leading more students toward graduation. As educators, we will collaborate to search for various avenues to better serve our population through rigorous instruction, engaging content and curriculum, and holding students to high expectations that will lead them to find success.

In addition, we will prepare young people for the real world through multiple intervention strategies and programs that will lead students towards success both inside and outside the classroom. We will foster a school environment where we promote family and community engagement. We will do everything we can to connect with students’ families and community partners to support us with our vision that ALL students can be successful through multiple alternative pathways.  


High School Level - Bell Schedule

Class Time
Breakfast 8:18 - 8:28
Passing 8:28 - 8:30
Period 1 8:30 - 9:25
Passing 9:25-9:27
Period 2 9:27 - 10:22
Passing 10:22-10:24
Period 3 10:24 - 11:19
Passing 11:19-11:21
Period 4 11:21-12:16
Lunch A (9th & 10th grade) 11:21 - 11:41
Lunch B (11th & 12th grade) 12:16-12:38
Passing 12:38 - 12:40
Period 5 12:40 - 1:35
Passing 1:35 - 1:37
Period 6 1:37 - 2:32

Middle School Level - Bell Schedule

Class Time
Period 1 8:40 - 9:44
Breakfast 9:44 - 10:04
Period 2 10:04 -11:08
Period 3 11:08 - 12:12
Period 4 12:12 - 1:16
Lunch  1:16 - 1:38
Period 5 (Gym) 1:38-2:16


The variety and diversity of programs at RPA are supported in part by:





Upcoming Events

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