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Meet our New Principal!

The new principal of RPS, Magdalena Reis, brings so many experiences with her to Fall River. An alternative student herself, Ms. Reis attended and graduated from a program called Pathways at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, MA. Ms. Reis graduated from UMASS Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 1999. Following that, she earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University.
Following her college years, Ms. Reis has spent 20+ years working with at-risk youth, 19+ years working with gang involved youth, 17+ years in alternative education and 16+ years working with English Language Learners/Native Speakers. In these years Ms. Reis taught ELA and history in a night school program and was a day/night school principal in a small school in the south end of Boston in the heart of the Cathedral Projects near Villa Victoria.
In her role of principal in South Boston she was in charge of a multi-service agency that provided GED, food pantry, high school diploma, mentoring daycare to Boston Public School youth. She also held numerous, varied positions including, but not limited to: Director of Training for Incarcerated Adults, Director of Youth Development, Director of Girl Programs and Director of Educational Options. At Boston Adult Technical Academy Alternative School in Mattapan she was the School Operational Leader, Director of School Climate Director of Guidance and served students that came from various parts of the neighborhood including Roxbury, Dorchester, Hyde Park etc.
She has attended the Massachusetts Principal Elementary Associate (MESPA) where she was trained by principals from all over the state and has been recognized by the late Mayor Thomas Menino for her skills in connecting youth to various services and program building. She is known for her impressive abilities to change school culture and develop programs from scratch with positive outcomes. Resiliency Preparatory School is truly looking forward to having Ms. Reis and her amazing experience as our principal!

Core Beliefs and Values Statement for RPS

We are Respectful. We are Responsible. We are Reliable. We are Ready to Learn.

The RPS learning community supports a student-centered classroom and multiple educational options, which provide the support that each individual student needs, thus reducing the dropout rate and leading more students toward graduation. As educators, we will collaborate to search for various avenues to better serve our population through rigorous instruction, engaging content and curriculum, and holding students to high expectations that will lead them to find success.

In addition, we will prepare young people for the real world through multiple intervention strategies and programs that will lead students towards success both inside and outside the classroom. We will foster a school environment where we promote family and community engagement. We will do everything we can to connect with students’ families and community partners to support us with our vision that ALL students can be successful through multiple alternative pathways.  

Bell Schedule

Class Time
Breakfast 8:18 - 8:30
Advisory 8:30 - 8:34
Period 1 8:34 - 9:29
Period 2 9:31 - 10:26
Period 3 10:28 - 11:23
Lunch A 11:23 - 11:38
Lunch B -
Lunch C 12:20 - 12:35
Period 4 11:40 - 12:35
Period 5 12:27 - 1:32
Period 6 1:34 - 2:29


Upcoming Events

November 2, 2015, 2:30 - 4:30: ELA MCAS Prep Rally- Preparing students for the ELA MCAS retake

November 3, 2015: No School

November 5, 2015, 2:30 - 4:00: Math MCAS Prep Rally- Preparing students for the Math MCAS retake

November 4-6, 2015: ELA MCAS Retake

November 9-10, 2015: Math MCAS Retake

November 11, 2015: Veteran's Day, No School

November 16-20, 2015: Awareness Week

November 26-27, 2015: Thanksgiving Recess