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The mission of the Resiliency Preparatory School is to create a small learning community which will foster a safe, supportive and academically challenging environment for all students to thrive and achieve success. Through the mutual creation of nurturing and trusting relationships, students will be inspired to invest in themselves and their futures.  They will be prepared and inspired to achieve success in MCAS testing, to graduate from high school and to pursue higher education opportunities.  

W e are Responsible!  We are Respectful!  We are Reliable!  We are Ready to Learn! 

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We are Resiliency Prep!


RPS is now offering online classes, created by Fall River teachers, for those students whose family and work obligations make it difficult to attend school regularly.  These courses require students to come to RPS to take the courses online, but offer them shorter school days and flexible hours.  See Mr. Correia for more information.

RPS also offers afterschool courses and credit recovery courses.  See Mr. Correia for more information.


Resiliency Preparatory:  Hot off the presses!

Check out these stories about resiliency preparatory students, as seen in the Fall River Herald.  Try the links below or copy and paste the following links into your web browser and read about the struggles and successes of some of our students.



Congratulations to our Awesome Graduates!


Rachel King        Erica Croce       Dominick Williams

Erica Daniels       Haley Friedman

Dale Guillemette       Jeremy Carvalho

Jared Furtado          Tanicole Vaincoeur        Shawn Tolchinsky

Tina Khiev          Moeun Meas          Jose Mojica

Aiyana Morales - Chambers              Aaron Tavares

David Rego        Melvin McWhorter        Molly Jackson

JaQuan Butler        JaJuan Torres        Matthew Franco

Lorraine Santos        Luis Cordeiro        Cody Fraga

Hayden Costa        Tevon Harris        Michael Miller

Mikayla Giasson        Jasmin Aguiar       Austen Almeida

Antonet Ayala        Josh Bailey        Kelly Cabral

Shane Cameron        Austin Coe        Raymond Levesque

Shawn Cameron        Piren Thorng        Tyannah Martinez

Shirley Melendez-Iraola        Elizabeth Neto

Jordan Christopher        Janice Conde        Alexis Moreira

Morgan Costa        Kendra Joseph

Jonathan Hurtado        Jonathan Farias        Jared Dupras

Robert Young        Alexis Sousa        Shian Watts

Eddy Sao        Gregory Sirois        Mateus Silva

Tyler Russell        Kadin Rodriguez

Bailey Rodrigues        Kamiliche Quinones        Ivy Poe

Xavier Ortiz        Andrew Pedro        Lakeisha Pina

Amanda Raposo        Tiara Alejandro        Amanda White


Please see the staff directory to find the name of your student's teachers.  Drop us a line!  Let us know how to help you help your students be successful!

Attendance Is The Key!

At RPS, we recognize the importance of good attendance to overall learning and achievement.  Being present in school is of paramount importance to being successful at school.  Students who miss classes miss out on the opportunity to succeed and to choose their career path.  Like all of Fall River, Resiliency Prep realizes the importance of children being in school EVERY day!

Attendance Matters!


Youth Connection

Students between the ages of 16 - 18 can now take advantage of services such as resume writing, assistance filling out college financial aid forms and assistance with completing online employment applications.  Students and guardians should contact Sandy at (508) 675 - 9245.  Please tell Sandy the services that you are seeking.  Youth Connection is located at 139 South Main Street in Fall River (formerly the Cherry & Webb building).

What's happening in RPS Classrooms?

Mathematics Curriculum Maps:  Algebra, Geometry, Personal Finance, Algebra II


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