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In music we do a wide variety of standards based activities.  All students are expected to participate and try.  It's okay to not be a music prodigy but it's not okay to not try.  We track each class's participation, effort, and behavior with the Right Note Xylophone.  When the class reaches the small red bar, they earn a Karaoke Music Class!



This year in music grades K-2 will be learning about the elements of music.  We will explore melody, harmony, rhythm, and expression through activities with our voices, bodies, and various classroom instruments.  Currently, we are focusing on beat and rhythm.   How can you help at home???  Practice patting the steady beat along with songs on the radio or clapping out the sounds.


Grades 3-5 will be performing on recorders while learning about identifying and notating pitches.  We will be starting recorders after Thanksgiving.  Check out this fun song to remember the treble clef pitches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2TLtRu6Hqk 

Exciting things to look forward to:

Third grade will be visited by the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra twice at Letourneau.  The first visit will take place October 10th for a full third grade assembly.  Then each class will be visited individually.  In the spring 3rd grade will go on a field trip to see the orchestra play at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford.

Fifth grade will be working on the RI Philharmonic's Link Up program this year.  They will travel to perform with their recorders and voices in May at the Vets Auditorium.





All classes have been learning about the rituals and routines in the music room.  We have made a class promise for the music room that all of the classes have agreed to and signed.  We agree to follow the school-wide expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible.  


All About Your Music Teacher:

Hi.  I'm glad you came to check out my page.  I'm Mrs. Jontos, the music teacher at Letourneau.  I believe all students can be successful in music if they just try.  I believe learning is a life-long activity.  I received my B.S. in Music Education at Rhode Island College and my M.A. in Music Education at Boston University.  I play many instruments but my main three include trombone, violin, and oboe.  I perform in the music ministry at my church on the trombone.  I'm also a part of the Very Merry Dickens Carolers during the Christmas season. 


Is music education important for your child?


New York Philharmonic Kid

Treble Clef Word Warrior Game

Tons of Music Games





If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at



Online Music Games



Massachusetts Music Standards

#1 Singing

#2 Reading & Notation

#3 Playing Instruments

#4 Improvisation & Composition

#5 Critical Response

#6 Purposes and Meanings in Music

#7 Roles of Musicians in Communities

#8 Concepts of Style

#9 Inventions, Technologies, and Music


#10 Interdisciplinary Connections




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