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Available Monday- Thursday 10:20-11:10 please schedule an appointment with the office.


Classroom and School Rules!!!

S - Stay Safe

T - Treat others with Kindness

A - Always do your Best

R - Respect yourself, others, and our school



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Carli 6/23


Character Trait:

Showing Respect


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Jaela Hoyle

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Family Dance June 2nd

Talent Show June 13th

Fun Day Friday June 16th Rain Date June 22

June 20th Field Day

Field Trip: June 21st Bowling

June 23rd and June 26th Half Day for Students














Third Grade Happening 

  • During ELA: Students will work on the novel Frindle.  The focus is on close reading and class discussion.
    After we read the chapters of this book, students will have a discussion about characterization.  A file folder will be divided into three sections for students to record what they thought of Ms. Granger at the beginning/middle/end of the book.  Students will use their word choices and "evidence" to record information about their character traits.
  • During Science, we will be working on Model Membranes.

    Students think like bioengineers as they design a model membrane. Students learn how membranes function and apply their knowledge of the basic needs of living organisms to the engineering design challenge: designing a frog habitat with a model membrane that delivers just the right amount of water

  • During Math,students will be learning Engage New York Lessons on Fractions on the number line andEquivalent Fractions
  •  During Social Studies,  American Revolution
    Students will learn how the Revolutionary War split the people of the American colonies into two groups: the loyalists and the patriots.
  • In Writing, students will work on Fantasy Stories.

Spelling Words: 

1.  arrival

2.  stroll

3.  command

4.  banquet

5.  outstanding

6.  peers

7.  amusing