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Summer Reading Packet 2017 Grades 1-8

The 6th grade welcomed the first day of summer with a field trip to the Bioreserve. The students had an opportunity to survey birds, look for paw prints, feathers and other tell-tale signs of the animals that call the Bioreserve home. They contributed to the construction of connectors creating more than 60' of continuous boardwalk and they cleared a new path too. Great work everyone and wonderful partnership with the water department , trustees of the reservation and Home Depot.

College Day 2017: Morton students kick-off College Day listening to the story of Durfee's Principal Maria Pontes. Speakers who joined us in the afternoon were from the Fall River community and were soon-to-be or recent high school/college graduates.  Our speakers were asked to share their story and our #MortonScholars asked many questions about the process of getting into college, challenges along the way and what the speaker had learned through the process.  Thank you to our speakers and to the others that submitted their stories through video!


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