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Do You Have the Skills Needed to Survive in the Wilderness?

The Wilderness Survival class is one of the ELT classes offered at Morton.  Students are learning about their environment through observation. For instance, while passing a tree in their neighborhood students will know something about it and be able to identify it. Survival is built on knowing your environment and the resources that can be drawn from it. In this instance of identifying the tree, they've tackled some of the content of the classification of living organism, which is taxonomy.

The most recent skill that is being taught is making knots and rope work. Overhand knots and cow hitch knots are essential for making nets to catch fish.  Square lashing and tripod lashing are essential for making solid structures for shelters. Students in Morton's Wilderness Survival class are busy making display boards to show off the variety of knots that they have learned how to make.  Along with learning how to make the knots, students are learning how to construct a display for them. Special thanks to The Tree Doctor (Warren , RI) and Ken Coelho for providing our students with the wood products needed for this class.

There is no school on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH.  It is a professional development day for teachers.


In the News: Morton Student Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research

Morton 7th Grade Student, Jacob Martins asked to run and organize a dress down day to raise money for Breast Cancer research.  As a school. Jacob and the Morton community raised $527.  Great job Jacob!

Word Generation Program comes to Morton!

"Word Generation is an innovative approach to academic language development for students in grades 4-8.... the program includes units about controversial topics with brief lessons for middle school teachers in all academic subjects."  For the next two weeks, our students will be talking and writing about the article "What is the Purpose of School?" and focusing on the words: analyze, factor, function, interpret and structure.  Families are encouraged to join in on the conversation at home!  

Coffee An'  Join Principal Rabbitt for November's Coffee An' in the Community Room on Tuesday, November 18 at 9:00AM  or Thursday, November 20 at 6:00PM. This is a great opportunity to find out about things happening around the school and to ask questions.


Students in the 21st Century After School program are beginning on Morton's Rube Goldberg team.  This is a fun and creative activity that is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Rube Goldberg teams create complicated machines to do easy tasks.  For more information about Rube Goldberg Machines, click here. If your student is interested in attending the 21st Century program, contact Maureen Estes-Flannagan at

Parent Portal is Live!  If you have any questions, please contact our technology facilitator, Elizabeth Lewis ( For general information about the portal, click here.

Upcoming Professional Days:

November 4 full day PD - no school
December 4 half day PD early release 11:30
January 26 full day PD - no school
February 5 half day PD early release 11:30
March 5 half day PD early release 11:30
June last two days of school half day PD early release 11:30 both days

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