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Honors, College Prep, and Project Chemistry

Attention at the bottom of the page there is a link for chemistry lectures by topic.  Please use this link to supplement the lectures you receive in school, and when you are absent, these lectures will keep you up to date.

All students are responsible for keeping current will all assignments.  When a quiz or test is missed, students with an excused absence have two days upon their return to school to complete the quiz or test.  Failure to make it up within the amount of time specified will result in a zero.


LiveScribe Links On Topic to help you NOW

Empirical Formulas

Molecular Formulas

Molar Mass

Balancing Equations




Click on the HW Links to access homework when you are absent on a day that HW is assigned.  Bring the completed homework to school upon your return and receive full credit toward your HW grade.

HW Atomic Structure

HW Balancing Chem Eqs

HW Balancing equations and reaction types

HW Determining % Comp

HW Molecular Formula

HW Moles

HW Periodic Trends

HW Sig figs and scientific notation



Power Point Links

Click on the Power Point Links to access Power Point presentations that you may use to strengthen your understanding of the fundamental concepts that we are learning in chemistry.  Some Power Point Presentations contain helpful practice problems. 


Percent Composition and Empirical Formula Power Point

The Mole Concept

The Periodic Table




Attention Parents and students: Student Grades are available on the right hand side of the page.  Click on the link for the student's class and find the student's ID number.  Take note of any missing assignments and the term grade so far.  Use this as a tool to keep current with your work.

Important:  Please note that when a field is left blank on the grade sheet, no grade is averaged into the overall grade.  This can give a false sense of security to students who only look at the overall grade.  Please use the blank fields as an indicator of what you must make up.  If you fail to make the work up, a zero will be filled into that blank field, which will then decrease the grade.   students with excused absences on days that HW, classwork, or labs were given may make up the work, all others will receive a zero for that work.that assignment or lab.


Contact information

email: mdavis@fallriverschools.org

Welcome Parents and Students.  On this Web Page  you can find important information regarding Chemistry Classes.  Here you can find the homework for your class, due dates for laboratory assignments, a calendar of upcoming tests or units being taught, the class syllabus, rules and helpful links.  Please use this site to keep up to date with your studies and to do as well as possible for the year. 


 Homework Assignments   (homework rubric posted on wall of classroom)


Homework assigned on Monday is due on Tuesday.

Homework assigned on Wednesday is due on Thursday.

* If you are absent on Monday or Wednesday, please click on HW Links above to access a homework assignment that you can turn in upon your return to school for full credit toward your homework grade.  Remember:  HW grade is 15% of your grade.  (Not Small Potatoes!)




Quizzes:  Unless otherwise notified, there will be a quiz or test every Friday.  

Tests:  See Quizzes

Quizzletts and Testlets may be adminsistered suddenly and without warning.  



Project News

Project Chem students will be doing a project on polymers, representing them three dimensionally and through poster board exhibits.  .

Students are encouraged to be bringing in empty 1 and 2 Liter plastic bottles for use in a project which involves powering student made vehicles via chemical propulsion.

Another upcoming project will involve students creating molar quantities of various chemical compounds and placing them on display.


Laboratory News

 All Labs should be completed and turned in at the end of lab period.  If extra time is needed, students may turn the completed lab report in on the day after lab.  (10 points off each day late)

Rubric for labs

Rubrics posted on wall of classroom

Labs for third quarter involve the study of biodegradable plastic, limiting reagents, and percent composition.




                                             Chemistry Lectures by topic. 

Use these video links to supplement what you are learning in class, or to go beyond the scope of our class.  These videos are very useful, especially for students who have missed class when new material was presented.  And, these videos will serve as an excellent review for any and all tests and quizzes

Link: Chemistry Lectures by topic


Students Grades can be accessed using the family or student portal through the Fallriverschools.org website.    Please stay up to date with your assignments, quizes, tests, labs and projects. 


Student Portal Link:


Student Grades

Please use the student portal for grades.  





Great chem site

Periodic Table/soccer game

Chemistry video games

Interactive Ion activity

The structure of elements activity

test your knowledge of the elements

Balancing equations game

Ionic Bonding Game

Ionic Bond Jeopardy

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