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Food for Thought

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

- Aristotle -

News and Information

Family Literacy Night is this Thursday, March 1st from 5-7pm. Join us! There will be food and fun! And if any students from 7A, 7B, 7E, or 7F attend they will earn Talbot Tokens.

As we continue to roll through Term 3, students should remember that everyday they are to come prepared with their Ready-to-Learn Binder, ELA folder, our core novel, A Night to Remember, and something to write with - the starter kit for success!

Students continue to be highly encouraged to seek additional help after-school. After-school days vary weekly, students are advised to check the board in class and make arrangements accordingly.

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Current Unit

Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

  • Analyzing Author's Craft
    • A Night to Remember, Walter Lord

Resources and Links

7F Syllabus

7E Syllabus

Google Classroom: Code b4qu3i

All that you need for success in can be found here! There are videos, news articles, dictionaries, and more!


Scholastic Reading Clubs -be about it! Scholastic Reading Club orders are made each month in school, but remember, you can always order online by using our class code - HBTTM! New Scholastic fliers will  be going home every month.




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Feb. 26 - Mar. 2

Monday: None

Tuesday: Ch. 7 Guiding Questions

Wednesday: Ch. 7 Guiding Questions

Thursday: None

Friday: None