Henry Lord Community School

Meet Ms Lucy, Henry Lord volunteer Lucille Rissler. Ms Rissler volunteers 4 days a week and conducts Story Hour for students from Pre-K to First grade. She brings groups of students to the library and reads to them. She chooses books that are entertaining and that also reinforce lessons from the classroom. "I like to read to the little ones and I help them learn their numbers and shapes," said the foster grandparent and former 42 year Head Start worker. The students of Henry Lord Community School are very fortunate to have such a wonderful role model.



Students in Mrs Zema's Music Class using instruments from DonorsChoose.org!

Mrs Zema is using instruments in the PreK and ASD classes to help foster gross - motor and rhythmic skills as well as showing differentiation between sections of songs to show the form of the music. Use of the instruments also helps to engage students on the lesson.




Henry Lord Computer Lab

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