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Blended Learning in Sixth Grade Science
During their earthquake unit in science, students used Chromebooks to complete a virtual lab where they manipulated features of a building and then tested them against a high magnitude earthquake. They then took the information they learned about earthquake proofing buildings to create structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Students tested their structures on a shake table that simulated an earthquake. Not one building fell! We have some future city engineers at Henry Lord Community School!
Bishoy uses a Chromebook to build and test his virtually created building against an earthquake. He was able to upgrade his structure's  foundation, building material, and soil until his building was just right to withstand an earthquake. Alex and Kleverson test their marshmallow building on the shake table. Kory and Kyle shook and shook and their building did not fall! Great job boys!

This week in Science, Mrs. Ferreira's Kindergarten class has been learning about healthy eating. We have been discussing the differences between healthy foods and junk foods and why it's important to eat a healthy breakfast every day. As part of our Healthy Breakfast initiative, students worked together to decorate their classroom door for the door decorating contest which will be judged on Monday.


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