Welcome to Pre-K!

My name is Ms. Moran, and I am so excited to meet the new students! I will be updating our website as we learn this year. Read below to learn more about what we will study in Pre-K!



What Are We Learning? 

Pre-Kindergarten is the perfect balance between play and learning. During a typical day in Pre-K, we practice social skills and literacy during Circle, work on the foundations for math and ELA during academic centers, and develop appropriate communication and play skills during choice play time. We enjoy science projects and have fun learning about our world. We follow several programs at Letourneau - click on the links below to learn more!

ELA: We use the Lively Letters program from Reading with TLC to learn letter names and sounds. This program uses a combination of hand cues and embedded picture cues to help students remember the letter sounds. Here is an informational video: https://youtu.be/6PiLe8t3tTw. Enjoy!

Math: For both math and ELA, we follow the Massachusetts Common Core Standards. In math, we practice counting with one-to-one correspondence, identifying and writing numerals, and sorting objects into groups. To learn more about the Pre-K Math Standards, follow this link: http://www.doe.mass.edu/frameworks/math/0311.pdf

Science: We investigate six different topics during the year. We learn about weather, trees, health and nutrition, human body, insects, and oceans. These topics are part of the Pre-K Science Standards - follow the link to learn more! http://www.doe.mass.edu/stem/standards/FoundationBoxes.pdf

Social Studies: Our literacy curriculum, Building Language and Literacy, teaches six "places" in our world. We learn about the home, store, restaurant, firehouse, farm, and aquarium while reading and playing. To learn more about BLL, please follow the link! http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plan/building-language-literacy-teachers-guide

Social Skills: Pre-K can be a tricky time for social-emotional development! This is often the first time that students are in school and surrounded by peers. To help facilitate the many social interactions that students will face this year and in future years, we will be incorporating the Second Steps curriculum. Please follow the link for more information. http://www.cfchildren.org/Portals/1/SS_EL/EL_DOC/EL_Program_at-a-Glance_SS.pdf

Music: We have an amazing music teacher visit us once per week, Ms. Zema! In addition to our weekly music class, we also sing songs and incorporate music into our learning constantly.

Art: We incorporate art into daily learning. The students are able to paint and create masterpieces daily in the Art Studio during play time, and we also use art materials in our more academic moments, too. For example, we might fingerpaint the letters and numbers, use stamps to write our names, and practice using scissors. 

P.E.: We have an amazing PE teacher who visits once per week. She works with the children to develop fine and gross motor skills.

If you ever have questions about what your child is learning, please ask! I am excited to share information about our class with parents. 


How Can I Contact the Teacher?

  • Email me at lmoran@fallriverschools.org. 
  • Send a note in your child's folder.