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Six Harvard, Yale and Princeton

English Language Arts

Social Studies

Ms. Reed


Hello Parents!

Please check the supplies list that was sent home last week. 

Some of the students still need their highlighters for E.L.A.

We use these everyday and the students also use them to complete homework assignments.  


What we are learning:

This week the our focus is on Perception and Point of View. The students are reading the short story "Charles" by Shirley Jackson. It's a lively and fun story to read and there's a surprise ending!  The students are analyzing the point of view of the narrator as well as the little boy in the story's perspective.  

******************************************************************PleaPlease help your child to remain focused on school and homework!  Ask to see the agenda and encourage your child to complete assignments. Your support for our efforts to educate your child will make have a great impact on their academic success!  We can't do it alone.








If you have been absent, please refer to the list below and complete all assignments for the week. 

Monday, 9/19/16

No Homework


Tuesday, 9/20/16

Read "Charles" by Shirley Jackson

Finish the story through Laurie's perspective.


Wednesday, 9/21/16

Point of View Practice